In Review: Doom Patrol (S4 – EP6) Hope Patrol

In Hope Patrol,  a determined Doom Patrol seeks to get their longevities back and save the universe.

Synopsis: In Hope Patrol,  a determined Doom Patrol seeks to get their longevities back and save the universe. Meanwhile, Victor and his friend Deric find themselves using their old D&D games as a means to deal with the pocket universe known as Orquith, which immortus has been using as a base. 


The Story

With Immortus having taken the longevities of Crazy Jane and Elasti Woman. Things do not look good. Larry is still trying to fix his relationship with Keeg and winds up in the pocket universe of Orquith where Keep working with Immortus and the crazy scissor beings trying to remove his longevity. Thankfully, Mr. 104 is on hand to save Larry and asks Larry if he and the Doom Patrol will help him become whole once they have dealt with Immortus. 

Elsewhere, Crazy Jane has all but given up hope after learning that her Longevity has been taken. Her main concern is how it will affect Kay and the other personalities that she keeps in her underground. Not knowing what to do Jane has a chat with Shelley Byron in hopes for she can provide insight.  The bottom line is Jane eventually comes to the conclusion that she must throw in with her fellow Doom Patrol members and take the fight to immortals and get their longevities back. 


The Acting

Diane Guerrero is solid this week as we once again see a more vulnerable side to Crazy Jane. I loved the scene late on in the episode where Jane says, “I don’t know if I deserve to be loved.” Robotman’s (Brendan Fraser) response was brilliant when he pointed out that you have very little choice in whether people love you or not. They just do.

Rita having been the first to love her longevity is in a really dark place and seems to be counting heavily on Madam Rouge to help her navigate it. This allows for some brilliant performances from April Bowlby and Michelle Gomez.



Hope Patrol did its job well. In that, it started moving things forward so that the disparate members of Doom Patrol can come together again and whoop some Immortus butt. But before they can do that. They all have to deal with their own emotional dramas first.

Doom Patrol (S4 - EP6) Hope Patrol
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