In Review: Doom Patrol (S4 – EP4) Casey Patrol

When the safety of Danny and everyone housed within is compromised, Dorothy is forced to step up with some unexpected help.

Synopsis: In Casey Patrol. When the safety of Danny and everyone housed within is compromised, Dorothy is forced to step up with some unexpected help.


The Story

Picking up from last year’s show. Dorothy has been living with Morris Wilson and her friends on Danny (The Sentient) Street. But has been feeling somewhat unsettled and held back. Still struggling with the loss of her father. Dorothy is slinking more and more into her imagined worlds. So it comes as a shocking surprise when she somehow manages to manifest one of her favorite comic book characters into existence in order to help Morris and Danny The Street defend themselves against Tormanox. The arch enemy of Space Case.


The Acting

This is very much held together by the brilliant chemistry between Alan Mingo Jr. as Morris and Abi Monterey as Dorothy. We also get great performances from Madeline Zima as Space Case. The scene when Space Case comes to the realization that she is no longer on the pages of a comic is brilliantly done. Especially the conversation that she has with Dorothy about potentially killing Tormanox for real.



It’s always a fun story whenever this show features Danny The Street and this episode makes really good use of them. But it ends on a little bit of a sad note as well. In that Morris and Danny come to the conclusion that some of the residents may be best served by starting over and setting up safe spaces out there in the real world.

The storyline involving Dorothy’s favorite comic book character Space Case was done well and also ties into the season’s main arc as we learn that the comic that Dorothy loves so much is a creation that comes from Dr. Janus’s lab. But what is her plan and why did she need Dorothy’s necklace?

Overall a solid episode to lead us into Christmas.

Doom Patrol (S4 - EP4) Casey Patrol
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