In Review: Doom Patrol (S3 – EPS 1,2 & 3) ‘Possibilities Patrol’, ‘Vacay Patrol’ and ‘Dead Patrol’

Doom Patrol picks up from where things left off last season with Dorothy and Candlemaker finally facing off.

Synopsis: Doom Patrol picks up from where things left off last season with Dorothy and Candlemaker finally facing off.  Having been freed of their wax encasings. The team deals with some jarring side effects. While Rita could hold the key, but will she answer the call.


The Story

Once again. Doom Patrol starts off by airing three episodes at the start of its third season. The first episode is mainly used to wrap up the storylines from last year and slowly transition into the new story arc. Dorothy has pretty much sorted Candelmaker out, but her father Niles Calder has sadly died of old age. As the team returns to the mansion. They all have to deal with the death of Niles in their own ways.

Cliff aka Robot Man really hates the fact that Niles has passed as he was the only person that could fix him. Meanwhile, Larry aka Negative Man has some business to attend to in space with the energy force that has been keeping him alive. While Rita, whose return to acting has been stalled finds herself the recipient of a key, which Niles has left for her. However, when she receives the call. She fails to pick up and has a turn.

The second episode introduces us to The Brotherhood of Evil who have a bone or two to pick with Niles Caulder and have sent an assassin to earth to kill Rita Farr. Meanwhile, Rita, Cyborg, Crazy Jane, and Robotman have chosen to take a vacation. But unbeknownst to them. There is a killer waiting to take them all out.

In the third episode. The Doom Patrol has mostly been wiped out by The Brotherhood of Evil’s assassin. Rita, Cliff, Jane, and Cyborg find themselves in their respective purgatories. Back among the living. Larry aka Negative Man has returned home and receives a troubling package, which contains the dead bodies of his friends. It isn’t long before Larry breaks the bad news to Dorothy who takes immediate action by hiring The Dead Boy Detective Agency to help them retrieve their friends from the afterlife and bring them back.


The Acting

We get some fantastic performances throughout these three episodes. April Bowlby is fantastic in her role of Rita Farr who is one of the characters that has really evolved over the last three seasons. However, it looks like Rita has been chosen by Niles to be his successor and we do see her slowly rising to that challenge. We also get a fantastic performance from Diane Guerrero as Crazy Jane, who has been my favorite character in this series. Also, Matt Bomer, Brendan Fraser and Joivan Wade waste little time in finding their characters again.

As far as guest stars. We get a great performance from Ty Tennant as Edwin Payne who is the main detective from The Dead Boy Detective Agency. We also get a mysterious performance from Michelle Gomez as Madame Rouge.



We get a pretty solid start on Doom Patrols’ season 3 story arc, which is going to involve The Brotherhood of Evil. The stage is set for Michelle Gomez to do her thing as Madam Rouge. And we also get a nice introduction for The Dead Boy Detective Agency.

Aside from a few issues with the pacing. This opening three-episode largely succeeds in setting the stage for what is to come.

Doom Patrol (S3 - EPS 1,2 & 3) 'Possibilities Patrol', 'Vacay Patrol' and 'Dead Patrol'
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