In Review: Doom Patrol (S3 – EP6) 1917 Patrol

Plunged back in time, Rita attempts to navigate the Bureau of Normalcy with help from an oddly familiar group.

Synopsis: In 1917 Patrol. Plunged back in time, Rita attempts to navigate the Bureau of Normalcy with help from an oddly familiar group. Meanwhile, Jane gives Kay her first taste of freedom, while Larry finds closure with his son.


The Story

Having whisked herself off in Madame Rouge’s time machine in last week’s episode. Rita finds herself being dropped off in 1917 with absolutely no memory of who she is or what her meta powers are. Before too long, she finds herself being picked up by the Bureau of Normalcy who tests her meta abilities and deem her as only useful for unskilled labor. So she is sent to the mailroom. After a brief time Rita finds herself making friends with a group of people who are led by none other than Madame Rouge. Calling themselves The Sisterhood of Dada the groups seems pretty harmless. At least until their new friend Rita gets stigmatized by the normal folk working at the Department. 

Back in the present day. Jane allows Kay to take over Crazy Jane’s body for a while, which ticks off all the other construct personalities in the underground. Cyborg travels cross country to see a Doctor about getting human skin. Larry gets closure with his son. While Robot Man becomes addicted to video games, internet gambling, and cam girls and winds up selling everyone’s stuff to fuel his habit.  All in all it’s just a normal day for these folks.


The Acting

April Bowlby puts in a brilliant performance as a version of Rita Far who isn’t addled with any of the baggage that her present-day version has. Seeing Rita handle her encounter with the Bureau of Normalcy with so little concern was quite fun. But also seeing her interactions with the Sisterhood of Dada also made for some fun moments. Her scenes with Malcolm (Micah Joe Parker) being rather sweet.

Michelle Gomez also puts in a solid performance as both the present day and past versions of Madame Rouge. However, we do not learn why she traveled forward in time in the time machine as yet. But we do learn that it is because the Sisterhood is after her. But why?



1917 Patrol is packed full of character beats and exposition but gives very little in the way of forwarding momentum to the story. At times I found myself looking at my watch, which is never a good sign. While the actor’s performances were great. The slow pace of the story was kind of frustrating at times. We see Rita perk up when she finds mail for Niles Caulder, which was interesting. And the final moments where the present-day madame rouge encounters the sisterhood was interesting. But other than that very little actually happened for the main plot. But fans of the character arcs get rewarded as we see lots of progressions there.

Overall. Not a great episode, but certainly not a rubbish one either. It’s somewhere in between. The big moment at the end of the episode will set things up for next week.

Doom Patrol (S3 - EP6) 1917 Patrol
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