In Review: Doom Patrol (S2 – Ep5) Finger Patrol

Dorothy finds a new friend.

Synopsis: Dorothy finds a new friend. Niles plans to give Cliff human-like upgrades. Larry brings Rita to meet his family after she has a lousy audition.


The Story

There isn’t really a central story this week in so far as any big bad for the team to battle with. Instead, we get a series of character arcs as the various members of Doom Patrol to exercise their demons or deal with stuff that they need to sort out, which leads to some pretty dark as well as comedic moments. First off Dr. Calder does a bit of work with Crazy Jane and manages to lure one of her less harsh personalities out in the form of the extremely energetic Baby Doll who makes friends with Dorothy. All is well for a while, but when Dorothy gets a little tired and doesn’t want to play any more problems arise.

While all this is happening Rita aka Elastic-Woman goes for an audition, which does not go too well, but at least she went. After her audition, she goes Larry aka Negative Man to help him reconnect with his son and his family, but again all is not as civil and familial as it seems.

Wanting to reconnect with Roni. Vic aka Cyborg hits the road and has a travel companion in the form of Cliff aka Robot Man who would like Vic’s father’s help in upgrading him to a Robot Man that can feel sensations such as rainwater dripping on his arms. This pairing of Robot Man and Cyborg leads to one of the episodes funnier moments in which Robot Man daydreams about the potential of their partnership as two 1970s cops in a fictional TV show called Steele & Stone. We even get to see the opening credits of this show, which is hilarious fun.

By the close of the episode. Baby Dolls’ friendship with Dorothy comes to an extremely horrid end and has a few casualties in terms of one of Dorothy’s imaginary friends and two of Crazy Janes’s personalities. The result of Dorothy making a simple wish.


The Acting

Diane Guerrero gives us her inner child as she runs around like a total maniac as she portrays the childlike personality of Baby Doll. The scenes where she and Dorothy play together are fun to watch and it’s all innocent fun until the fun stops and it becomes toxic.

Brendan Fraser and Joivan Wade make for a rather fun pairing as Robot Man and Cyborg hit the road and bond over Vic wanting to reconnect with Roni who he has totally fallen for. The Steele & Stone cop skit is hilarious and is really the high point in what was rather a gloomy episode.



Not an episode that particularly stands out for me. It had a few fun moments but got so buried in the details of the Doom Patrols personal issues that it was a bit of a slog for me to get through. Thankfully the few comedic moments do redeem it somewhat, but only just.

On the positive side. We have a great future cop show called Steele & Stone to look forward too and we now know what happens when Dorothy makes a wish.

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