In Review: Doom Patrol (S2 – E7) – Dumb Patrol

While Niles heads north to find Dorothy’s mother, the Doom Patrol embraces their inner morons after receiving a mysterious package.

Synopsis: While Niles heads north to find Dorothy’s mother, the Doom Patrol embraces their inner morons after receiving a mysterious package.


The Story

Cyborg introduces his girlfriend to a few members of the team and a package arrives, which immediately sprays Negative Man, Crazy Jane, Cyborg, and his girlfriend with a weird gas, which encourages them to open the package. Upon inspecting the package they find it is the rather blank painting canvas, which they managed to trap Mr. Nobody in during the tail end of last series.

Elsewhere Robot Man is walking home after having landed somewhere in the middle of nowhere after he was ejected from Nile’s spaceship in last week’s episode.

Meanwhile, Rita who is still traumatized by memories of her mother is researching her new acting role as a Beekeeper, which winds up turning into a therapy session.


The Acting

Brendan Fraser is at his comedic best in this episode as Robot Man rants his way along the highways and byways of America while trying to make his way back home. There is a very funny moment where a passerby asks for some selfies with him, which allows Robot Man aka Cliff Steele access to his phone.

We also get a solid performance from Diane Guerrero who brings forth another one of Crazy Jane’s persona’s in the form of Miranda who is a wicked cook. Jane is still on the bench in that she is no longer the primary personality in charge, which is an ongoing theme that has continued on from the tail end of last season. It basically means that some of Janes’s other personalities get to drive her body for a while.



To call this episode trippy would be a huge understatement. In short, we get to see the team go into the painting, which has been infested by a virus called the Scant, which allows for some fun exchanges and a little soul searching for the characters that are trapped in there.

The best parts of this episode are the ones that concerned Rita and Niles, but that is only because they were the most normal storylines to go with in the episode. That said Robotman cursing his way across America was funny as hell because I could see myself reacting in much the same way.

Overall. A holding episode, which seems to have very little to do with the overall arc of this years story.

Doom Patrol (S2 - E7) - Dumb Patrol
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