In Review: Doom Patrol – Penultimate Patrol

The group prepares for one last stand against Mr. Nobody and rescue the Chief. Victor learns a hard truth.

Synopsis: The group prepares for one last stand against Mr. Nobody and rescue the Chief. Victor learns a hard truth.

Review: The team learns a hard truth while taking on Mr. Nobody.

The Story

The episode begins with a glimpse of Mr. Nobody’s past and an event following on from him being fired from the Brotherhood of Evil that pretty much shapes the villain he is today. After this little bit of foreshadowing, we move to the present day where the team is driving around looking for the last location of Beard Hunter.

After some time. The team finds themselves parking up in Danny the Street, who reveals the whereabouts of Nile and Mr. Nobody. We learn that Mr. Nobody has been keeping Niles in White Space, which translates to the white spaces found between the various panels in the pages of comic books. Flex who is now with the team and still somewhat grief-stricken knows how to get them there and uses his muscles to get them there. Which goes hysterically wrong on his first attempt, but the second time works a charm.

From that point on. The team is alone and must find each other again in the white space to take on Mr. Nobody and rescue Niles.

The Acting

Alan Tudyk puts in a show-stealing performance as the deeply deranged Mr. Nobody who tempts each member of Doom Patrol with an ideal version of what their lives could have been has they not had their respective accidents that led to them being who they are today. The scene at the start of the show where Mr. Nobody is dumped ties in wonderfully with the confrontation between him and the doom patrol.

We also got a great performance from Joivan Wade who learns the truth about his late mother from his father in a very emotional scene, which also ties well with how this episode ends.


This was another mindbending episode of Doom Patrol, which had a ‘Groundhog’ element to it towards the close of the episode, which leads to a shocking confession from Niles Caulder who has reconnected with the team.

I loved the comedic moments when the team is on Danny The Street and everyone has a simultaneous orgasm due to Flex not flexing the correct muscle to open up a passage to White Space.

Overall. A great penultimate episode, which builds on all that has gone before and will hopefully build to a brilliant conclusion in next weeks season finale.

Doom Patrol - Penultimate Patrol
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