In Review: Doom Patrol – Paw Patrol

Mr. Nobody decides to interfere with the Decreator's prophecy with the help of Niles Caulder.

Synopsis: Mr. Nobody decides to interfere with the Decreator’s prophecy with the help of Niles Caulder.

Review: This crazy two-part episode continues, but starts to make a little more sense.

The Story

With Robot Man and Crazy Jane still trapped in the other dimension where the Decreator exists. The rest of the gang, who are still in the present day must contend with the Decreator and his penchant for uncreating people and objects.

Thankfully Mr. Nobody and Niles Caulder come up with a way of defeating the Decreator via a little time travel and some help from one of Crazy Janes more powerful personalities. The plan is to start a cult centered around the Re-Creator.

The Acting

Alan Tudyk and Timothy Dalton put in outstanding performances as Mr. Nobody and Nile Caulder as they both work together to create a new religion in order to defeat an ancient enemy.

We also get a wonderful performance from Diane Guerrero who shows us a new personality of Crazy Jane in the form of Dr. Harrison, who for the purpose of creating a new religion takes over the asylum.


Although it is just as trippy as last week. This episode does explain a little more about what was happening last week with the Decreator and we get to see some pretty clever plot devices put into play as Caulder and Nobody’s plan takes effect.

I loved the twist with Dr. Harrison and the creation of religion from a group of people who had been institutionalized. The idea to have the map tattooed on a small dog and to be able to only unlock the map by the ringing of a bell.

Also really fun was the idea of the Decreator being a massive eye in the sky that can take people out of the world by just looking at them.

Overall. A fun episode, which ends with a question that I think many fans will be asking. Especially those coming in that are unfamiliar with Doom Patrol.

Doom Patrol - Paw Patrol
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