In Review: Doom Patrol – Patrol

Jane, Rita, and Larry search for the mysterious Doom Patrol

Synopsis: Cliff and Victor come to an agreement while Jane, Rita, and Larry go in search of a mysterious team called the Doom Patrol.

Review: This weeks episode is as trippy as ever, but as a result, we learn what happens when you go up against Mr. Nobody.

The Story

Rita, Jane, and Larry pay a visit to the original Doom Patrol while Cliff and Victor begin to find some middle ground with each other.

This episode begins with a flashback in which we learn that Rita had an affair of sorts with Steve Dayton aka Mento. One of the original members of the Doom Patrol. Rita is sent to Mento to undergo some lessons on how she can best get some control of her emotions so she can hold her true form for longer periods of time. But she falls for him.

Things move forward to the present day where Rita, Jane, and Cliff are introduced to Joshua who is an administrator for a school, which is supposedly run by the original Doom Patrol members to train other meta human’s. But as they get more and more wrapped up in talking to the various members and Joshua. They learn that things are not as they seem and eventually find out that the original team went up against Mr. Nobody and it didn’t end well.

The Acting

The scenes shared with Rita and Mento are really well acted and a big part of what drives this episode’s narrative. Will Kemp puts in a fantastic performance as Mento who turns out to be a much more tortured character than we originally perceived him to be. At first, he cuts an arrogant figure, but as the layers get peeled back. We learn that he is just as scared as everyone else.

Also, kudos have to go to Jasmine Kaur who cuts a mysteriously sexy figure as Arani Desai who is also known as  Celcius.

Out of the regular cast. It is Diane Guerrero steals the show for me as Crazy Jane.


This for me is the best episode to date. I loved how the fate of the original Doom Patrol got slowly revealed as Jane and her friends slowly took the tour of the school. Larry’s comparing it to ‘The Shining’ was bang on because as the layers of truth began to show through. It genuinely did get creepy. I loved the brief sequence where Crazy Jane is near as damn enveloped by Jigsaw pieces.

Also, Rita’s realization about having to confront and tackle her own fears before taking on Mr. Nobody might well prove to be an important puzzle piece as this show moves forward.

Doom Patrol - Patrol
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