In Review: Doom Patrol – Danny Patrol

This episode is very much a celebration of diversity and the ongoing struggle for acceptance.

Synopsis: A sentient, gender-queer, teleporting street named Danny who’s being hunted by the secret Bureau of Normalcy needs help from Niles – but gets Vic and Larry instead.

Review: This episode is very much a celebration of diversity and the ongoing struggle for acceptance.

The Story

When a cake is delivered to the Doom Patrol’s home with a note asking for Niles. Vic and Larry take it upon themselves to make the journey to Ohio in order to look for a street called Danny, which doesn’t exist on any road map. Upon arriving they are greeted with signposts and smoke signals asking them why they are there. This is Danny the street, which is seemingly sentient and has made it his mission to sweep up those that are different and give them a home.

As they keep walking the street. Vic and Larry are led to a cabaret club where they meet drag performer Maura Lee Karupt who gives them the lowdown about Danny and what he has done for the many people out there that did not fit in with normal mainstream ways of living.

The secondary storyline this week continues from where last week left off. Crazy Jane has run away after having been told off by an agitated Robot Man. Unfortunately when Jane feels really low. The worst of her 64 personalities comes out. A woman called Karen can instantly make people fall in love with her via some form of ESP. Unfortunately for Rita and Robot Man. Karen’s idea of romance is very much based on the cheesy 1990s romcoms. Robot Man and Rita go after Jane to try and prevent Karen from fulfilling her twisted vision of the perfect wedding and try and get Crazy Jane back.

The Acting

Alan Mingo Jr. puts in a killer performance as Morris Wilson / Maura Lee Karupt. The Maura Lee Karupt character is instantly likable and welcoming in a rather over the top way. And it is Karupt that pretty much acts as a guide to Danny Street and what it’s all about.

Diane Guerrero also puts in a great performance as the Karen personality who sort of put me in mind of the female gremlin from the film Gremlins 2 when it came to her methods of finding love and acceptance.


This was a really fun episode, which has a simple message about diversity, love, and acceptance. The characters were really likable and I enjoyed the fact that Larry even had dealings with the Bureau of Normalcy, which made him rather reluctant to help Danny the Street.

The scene in which we see Robot Man and Robot Boy have a dance off is priceless fun.

Doom Patrol - Danny Patrol
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