In Review: Doctor Who – Twice Upon A Time

It's the final chapter of the 12th Doctor's adventures, and he must face his past in order to decide his future.

Synopsis: It’s the final chapter of the 12th Doctor’s adventures, and he must face his past in order to decide his future. What will his future hold?

Review: This final episode of Capaldi’s run makes clever use of William Hartnell’s first Doctor’s final story ‘The Tenth Planet’ by explaining what happened during the Doctors absence in the final few parts of that adventure. David Bradley fills the role of the 1st Doctor and does so brilliantly.

‘Twice Upon A Time’ is hung on the back of a very loose story, which heavily relies on you already being a fan of Peter Capaldi’s run on ‘Doctor Who’ in order for you to get the many references.  The story ties off many of the loose ends left by Steven Moffat from the previous series. One is the true nature of the liquid girl that Bill wound up with being something bigger than we first believed and trying back into the Doctor’s story brilliantly. Another lovely reference is to the Dalek that the Doctor saved in the episode ‘Journey to the centre of the Dalek’. Those Dalek databases can come in pretty handy you know.

The episode climaxes with the Doctor’s learning some valuable lessons about humanity and memories, which reinforces why he should stop trying to die and just go and regenerate already. It’s somewhat ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’, but done ‘Doctor Who style.

The performances from Peter Capaldi and David Bradley were absolutely brilliant and carried the story such as it was fantastically. Bradley’s version of the first Doctor who is very out of touch with modern day social mores was fantastic fun. Even more so when Capaldi’s 12th and more in the know Doctor was chastising him for his ignorance.

Pearl Mackie also puts in a great performance as Bill and has a wonderful scene with Bradley’s first Doctor where she quizzes him about running away from Gallifrey but asks what he was running toward instead of running away from.

This was as good of a bookend for Peter Capaldi’s term as the 12th Doctor that we’ll likely see.

Overall. A fast and loose story, which heavily relies on you having watched the series, but some great acting and character work, which more than compensates for whatever shortcomings the story has.

We also get a very brief tease of Jodie Whitaker’s 13th Doctor, but its a little too brief to be making any snap judgments about.


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