In Review: Doctor Who – The Zygon Invasion

Osgood is kidnapped by a gang of Zygons, and The Doctor, Clara and UNIT must scatter across the world to set her free.

Synopsis: Osgood is kidnapped by a gang of Zygons, and The Doctor, Clara and UNIT must scatter across the world to set her free.

Review: Osgood who was believed dead after her encounter with Missy last series returns, but there is a perfectly logical explanation, which harks back to the 50th anniversary story ‘Day Of The Doctor’ in which a peace accord was made with the Zygons, but that peace accord is now in tatters, which has put Osgood’s twin in danger. Newer fans may need to look up ‘Day Of The Doctor’ if they want to get a sense of some of this episodes back story.

My one criticism of this story is the fact that it will likely be quite confusing for newcomers to the series that haven’t had the benefit of seeing the 50th anniversary episode. It is briefly recalled at the beginning of the episode, but in a very fast and loose way.

The story is pretty good and quite plausible and Peter Capaldi’s Doctor is note perfect throughout, but its also great to see Ingrid Oliver return as Osgood and also fun seeing Jemma Redgrave as Kate Stewart.

A somewhat central figure in this story is Clara who gets a chance to work without the doctor and is paired up with Kate Stewarts aid Jac who is played by Jaye Griffiths who genre television fans may remember from her roles in ‘The Bill’ and ‘Bugs’.

There are a fair few fun one liners in this first episode of the Zygon two-parter, but perhaps one of the funniest is when a captured Zygon tells the Doctor that they plan to take over the world. To which the Doctor says something to the effect of you can’t take over London. They might think you want to take their benefits. Which was a clever line playing on the whole immigration debate that continues to loom large in our media.

The episode does well at playing on the Zygons shape shifting abilities and the paranoia that it would realistically create with certain members of the military.

The story sees the Doctor going off on his own while Clara and Jac look around London for the Zygon base while Kate Stewart heads off to New Mexico in search of Osgood.

The close of this episode is a real cliffhanger, which will definitely have the younger viewers excited for next weeks conclusion to the story.

A fun development as far as Osgood is concerned is the the Doctor trying to figure out if its the real Osgood or the Zygon version of the character. I have to wonder if we ever will find out.


Doctor Who - The Zygon Invasion
  • Zygon shapeshifters and the return of Osgood
  • Perhaps plays a little much on all fans having watched the 50th anniversary story 'Day Of The Doctor'
  • Story
  • Acting
  • Incidental Music
  • Special FX

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