In Review: Doctor Who: The Web of Fear (Blu Ray)

The second doctor has a 2nd run in with the Yeti
The Web of Fear

Description: The Web of Fear has finally made it to Blu-Ray with the addition of new animation for the missing third episode. Released last Monday on Blu Ray. This latest review documents the Doctor second encounter with The Yeti and The Great Intelligence. It also makes great use of the London underground.


The Story

In order to escape a mysterious attack. The Doctor, Jamie, and Victoria are forced to make an unplanned landing, which sees them land in the London underground. Things soon take a turn for the worst when the gang finds a dead body, which is surrounded by some weird webbing. As the team gets split up. Victoria and Jamie get picked up by some British Soldiers. While The Doctor has an unexpected run-in with a couple of Yeti.

Having been captured. Jamie and Victoria are initially reluctant to tell the Captain about their friend the Doctor and their time travel adventures. However when they meet Professor Travers. They soon become an asset in helping Travers and the Army find a way to defeat the Yeti and The Great Intelligence. As Travers recognizes them from his initial meeting with The Doctor in Tibet years earlier.


The Acting

There are a lot of stand-out acting performances in this serial, which sees the very first appearance of Lethbridge Stewart (Nicholas Courtney) who is only a colonel in this introduction. The story also features a performance from John Levene as one of the Yeti. Of course, he’d later go on to play Sergeant Benton in the Third Doctors adventures.

Jack Watling is fantastic as Professor Travers, which includes the moment when he is possessed by the great intelligence in episode 5.

Finally, Patrick Troughton and Frazer Hines are brilliant as always. But I would say that given that Troughton’s second Doctor is amongst my favorites from the classic series.


The Artwork

The artwork and presentation of this Blu Ray set is really nice. We get a cover sleeve featuring the second Doctor playing his recorder while surrounded by Yeti. It’s a gorgeously drawn image with some beautiful color effects. Definitely, the sort of thing that any Doctor Who fan would be proud to have hanging on their wall.

The art is repeated in the little booklet that comes with the set, which features production notes from the serial. As well as information on what the ratings were like when the story premiered during the late 1960s.


Blu Ray Extras

Aside from the animated episodes and a new commentary track. Many of the extras on this are repeated from the earlier DVD release, which used the original telesnap reconstruction from the third episode. However, if like myself, you never got the DVD version. The extras remain good value for money. I particularly enjoyed the documentary about the missing episodes. And the animated episodes were quite good in that they sort of work well alongside the actual episodes in that the animation isn’t as slick as modern animation. It fits well with the time period.

Overall. There is enough here to provide a good few hours of enjoyment for nostalgic fans like myself.



The Web of Fear is a Doctor Who story I have never seen before and it’s also quite enjoyable and indicative of a time period where we lived life at a slower pace. There is a lot of exposition to get through in the first two episodes as the actors set the scene for what is to come. But once the story gets going at around the latter part of episode two. You are hooked in and fully invested in finding out how the Doctor and his companions will stop The Great Intelligence.

Overall. At £19.99. The Web of Fear Blu-Ray is fairly good value for money and includes some pretty good extras to boot.

Doctor Who: The Web of Fear (Blu Ray)
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