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Synopsis: It’s said that your life flashes before your eyes when you die: as the Doctor regenerates from his Twelfth incarnation to her Thirteenth, she relives memories from her many lives, showcasing unseen adventures from EVERY version of the Doctor.

Review: The first comic book to feature Jodie Whitacker’s 13th Doctor. This issue 0 of her adventures acts as a flashback to adventures had by previous Doctors.

The Stories

All these stories are shared memories that the 13th Doctor looks back on while regenerating and it seems that each memory has some kind of message attached.

We get adventures from every incarnation of the Doctor and each story has a relevant piece of information for the 13th Doctor as well as some special guest appearances from favorite characters.

Out of all these adventures, my favorite was the one featuring the 5th Doctor and Tegan. In short, the two are on Gallifrey and are searching for a timelord who is wanted by the authorities. Instead of bringing this timelord in. The Doctor winds up helping him to regenerate into a new body. The body of a woman, which prompts Nyssa to ask how it is possible for a timelord to regenerate into a woman. A question that the Doctor answers with the following:

“Gender is a very fluid concept, Nyssa. For some people more than others. A Time Lord even more so.”

We also get a War Doctor story, which features the blue-skinned Dorium Maldova. It’s a story set during the time war and sees the War Doctor coming up with a relatively harmless deterrent for the Daleks, which doesn’t end life. 

Readers also get to read an adventure with the 10th Doctor and Doctor Elizabeth Garret Anderson the first woman to become a Doctor. Quite appropriate really. 

We also get treated to mini adventure with the 11th Doctor and River Song and the book closes out with a Dalek adventure featuring the 12th Doctor and Bill.

The Artwork

This special issue zero featured the work of various artist and overall the standard was solid except for the Fourth Doctor Adventure in which Arianna Florean draws the characters in a somewhat anime Saturday morning cartoon style, which certainly makes the adventure stand out more from the work of the other artists with their stories, but not in a good way.

While there is nothing wrong with Florean’s work on the adventure. The dramatic change in art style just threw me off as a reader and completely jarred me out of the book. The art style might have worked great if it was an individual comic about the fourth Doctor, but given that this was a collection of interconnected stories, it only really served to throw me off.

Overall though the various artists do a really nice job. I specifically liked what Carlos Cabrera did with the 1st Doctor story.


This is a really good collection of stories and a great way to introduce comic readers to the 13th Doctor and Doctor Who in general.

You can get your copy of this comic on 9 October when Titan release it across all time and space.

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