In Review: Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor #8

The time-twisting climax to the second arc of the official Doctor Who comic book adventures of the 13th Doctor. 

Synopsis: Having already tracked the Stilean Flesh Eaters throughout time, the gang are headed to Canada and the Battle of Ridgeway after a tip-off from the Time Agency. What will the Stileans have waiting for them there? And will the Doctor ever give in and try out the podcast everyone’s been listening to?

Review: Jody Houser concludes her second story arc of Doctor Who: The 13th Doctor and gives us a really nice little twist.

The Story

Having traveled through various time periods and having witnessed a few wars. The Doctor and her friends figure out that the origins of the History Podcast that they have been listening to have a somewhat 21st-century alien origin.

The Artwork

Giorgia Sposito does a fantastic job of the artwork in this issue and is helped with some nice color work from Enrica Eren Angiolini.

Sposito’s drawing of the old lady that hosts the history podcast is really well done and fuses the best elements of the Stileans and humans. The look of surprise on Graham’s face when he learns of the origins of the podcast is priceless and wonderfully drawn.


Jody Houser has given us the best story yet of the comic book adventures of the 13th Doctor. I loved how a simple bite from early on in the story becomes the springboard for an Alien races evolution through history on the planet earth. And the final meeting in which the Doctor and her friends share tea with the alien that bitten her is a fun and twist.

Houser gives us a story, which could only be done on Doctor Who and this is one that I think Chris Chibnall should look at commissioning for the TV series. Given that it is better than a majority of what he put out in his first season as the Doctor Who showrunner.

Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor #8
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