In Review: Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor #6

The Doctor and her friends begin to suspect that there could be a correlation between their travels and the 'Hidden Human History' podcast.

Synopsis: The gang found themselves in 1500s Europe, during the Guelders Wars. Graham, Yaz, and Ryan were better prepared than The Doctor, thanks to the show Hidden Human History – not that she’s jealous of a podcast. Investigating rumors of demons hunting the local townsfolk, the gang discovered a group of Stilean Flesh Eaters. Surprised at being discovered, the aliens

lashed out at the nearest Time Lord…

Review: The Doctor and her friends begin to suspect that there could be a correlation between their travels and the ‘Hidden Human History’ podcast.

The Story

Having wound up in the 1500s during the Guelders Wars. The Doctor and her companions wind up meeting an alien race called the Stilean who feed on blood and are taking advantage of the wars. The Doctor manages to fend the Stilean off with help from a local, which seems to be the end of it.

As they depart the 1500s. The Tardis then transports the team to North Carolina of the 1700s. Another war, and more Stilean, and another time period featured on ‘Hidden Human History’ What’s the connection?

The Artwork

The art by Roberta Ingranata gives us some fantastic visuals. The series of panels on page 8 where we see the Stilean creatures chase after the Doctor and her friends is particularly memorable and a favorite moment for me.

I also like the various facial expressions that Ingranata manages to draw on the main characters, which seem very much in keeping with the facial expressions that we see in the series. But it is miraculous that the artist is able to channel all 880 manic facial expressions that Jodi Whitacker channels.


Writer Jody Houser has managed to deliver a fun little mystery here, which makes better use of the characters and storytelling potential than the actual television series manages to do.

I can’t wait to read the next issue.

Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor #6
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