In Review: Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor #4

Time-twisting finale to the debut arc of the Doctor's new comic from Jody Houser!

Synopsis: Time-twisting finale to the debut arc of the Doctor’s new comic from Jody Houser!

Review: Titans first 13th Doctor Who comic book arc concludes and it all gets a little timey wimey.

The Story

Having learned about the alien known as The Hoarder from the distraught Perkins. The Doctor, Yaz, Ryan, and Graham go in search of the missing Dr. Schulz, who could hold the key too putting an end to The Hoarder’s penchant for greed.

As they find Schulz. The Doctor and her friends formulate a plan to put a stop to The Hoarder’s plans to steal more children and items from the timestream, but they need the co operation of Schulz and Perkins to pull it off.

The Artwork

The art from Rachael Stott works pretty well in this story. She has the likeness of all the principal characters down and is even able to use some of her own styles to give an otherworldly vibe to the book.

The drawing of The Hoarder looks like a sort of alien that you may have encountered back in the 1980s, but with less rough edges. This kind of makes sense. Given that the main meme of the 1980s was that ‘Greed is Good’, which pretty much sums up The Hoarder and his whole game.


This isn’t bad opening story arc for the 13th Doctor, but it’s not great. The character interactions are bang on in line with what they are like in the TV series, But the villain of the piece felt a little bit like a one-note sort of character. He didn’t really have a motive beyond just Hoarding for his own personal entertainment. There isn’t any grand plan for world domination.

All that said. The art was solid and the story is not so bad that I don’t want to see more from writer Jody Houser because there was potential here for a bigger and more sinister arc that could have tested and stretch the characters out. Hopefully, we get to see that happen in future arcs.

Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor #4
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