In Review: Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor #2

The new Doctor encounters an all-too human time traveller!

Synopsis: The new Doctor encounters an all-too-human time traveler!

Review: Picking up from last month. The Doctor and her companions have just run into another time traveler who has been stuck in a time loop, but as they get him out they are taken prisoner by an Alien army calling themselves the Army of the Just.

The Story

Having just been taken, prisoner. The Doctor asks Yaz to talk with the Army’s leader to buy her a little time to finish off helping the time traveler. This allows for a fairly funny exchange between Yaz, Ryan, and the aliens as they proceed to try and sell the aliens of the idea that they are time cops.

The Alien army doesn’t buy the story and throws them all into the ship’s prison or brig. While in captivity the Doctor asks the fellow time traveler what happened and he explains that he was part of a time travel experiment, which went wrong, but he isn’t telling her the complete story.

The Artwork

The artwork by Rachel Stott is visually stunning. I loved the few panels in which Perkins is telling the Doctor his story where we see the lab and the subsequent colorful place that they time travel too. I also liked the design of the Army of the Just who has a very simple look with blank faces that are totally devoid of expression. But look frightening because of the body armor they are wearing.


If I’m honest this second issue does not achieve a great deal in moving the story forward because it is too busy filling in a few of the blanks about Perkins and where he has come from, but the snappy dialogue between the various characters keeps you engaged with it.

It will be interesting to find out if the comics writer Jody Houser had any access to episodes before putting this together because she seems to have a really good handle on how the Doctor and her gang interact with each other.

Overall. I’m in it for one more issue, but I hope the story moves a bit quicker in the next issue.

Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor #2
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