In Review: Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor #2.4

The Weeping Angels are trying to break into the TARDIS! Autons are ready to attack the streets of 1969 London!

Synopsis: The Weeping Angels are trying to break into the TARDIS! Autons are ready to attack the streets of 1969 London! Now, Ten and Thirteen must risk a deadly paradox in order to stop the Earth from becoming an alien battleground.


The Story

Having finally teamed up in the last issue 10 and 13 put their heads together in order to concoct a plan to kill two Alien species set on taking over the Earth with one stone. The plan involves going down into London’s sewers and the use of two sonics.


The Artwork

The linework from Roberta Ingranata has been a really strong feature throughout this run and it has been helped a great deal by some fantastically bold color choices from Enrica Eren Angiolini. A great example of this is the whole sequence that takes place beneath the Thames River, which allows the 10th Doctor to make a quick reference to the last time he was there.  I really enjoyed the panel where the tardis is about to materialize under the Thames and we have a rat in the foreground just sniffing the air. That one panel alone does a lot to set the scene. Though the classic Doctor Who fan in me was thinking ‘Talons of Weng Chiang’.



This was a pretty tight final issue to the story arc and gave us some fabulous banter between Doctors 10 and 13. I especially enjoyed how Jody Houser wrote the dialogue in that way where one of the doctors was starting a thought and the other was finishing it, which has been a thing since the first multiple Doctor Story, which was ‘The Three Doctors’. I also quite enjoyed how all the companions were completely oblivious to what was happening but followed along anyway.

Overall. We get some nice moments in this issue, but the actual plan seemed to be very much concocted on the fly and only just managed to prevent a paradox with cleverly pitting one classic villain against the other.

The final page leaves us with a cracking cliffhanger as we return to London, which has been completely decimated. We do get a hint that it may not be our version of London because there is a wanted poster for what looks a little bit like Rose Tyler, which could suggest that it is the parallel version of London.

Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor #2.4
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