In Review: Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor #2.2

Weeping Angels and Autons oh my...

Synopsis: As the Tenth and Thirteenth Doctor begin to cross timelines, the two become entwined in the machinations of their deadly enemies – the Weeping Angels and the Autons!

Review: The 13th Doctor and 10th Doctor crossover continue, but with the addition of Autons.

The Story

After having found nothing out as to why she would be in 1969 London at the same time as her predecessor. The 13th Doctor is about to give up and take the Tardis elsewhere but is unable to resist the calling of a good mystery. So decides to stay and stakeout Martha Jones while Graham, Yaz, and Ryan continue to track the 10th Doctor.

When the 13th Doctor is discovered spying by Martha Jones she is given little choice but to explain that she is a future incarnation of the 10th Doctor and she is trying to figure out why the time streams have crossed and the recent disappearance of Martha’s boss at the fashion shop is the best lead she has thus far. But why are the mannequins missing?  Elsewhere, The 10th Doctor is in real danger of finding 13s Tardis, which forces desperate action from Yaz who tries to pass herself off as a time agent under the pretense of doing a welfare check.

The Artwork

Roberta Ingranata continues to shine with her artistic interpretation of 1960s London. I particularly enjoyed the panel where the 13th Doctor is asking Martha where the mannequins have gone for us to see them in the next panel watching them from a distance.  I also enjoyed the panels where Yaz, Ryan, and Graham are following the 10th Doctor who is working with a time detector that he has invented. The final page is pretty epic.


Jody Houser continues to dazzle with this story. I loved how the conversation changed between the 13th Doctor and Martha once The Doctor had revealed who she was. It also allowed for a nice tip of the hat to Sally Sparrow.

Overall. A fairly good issue that moves the story forward a little and comes up with a wicked way to introduce the Autons while simultaneously providing a scary final page that involves the weeping angels. Whatever you do. Don’t ever blink.

Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor #2.2
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