In Review: Doctor Who The Third Doctor #5

The Doctor forms an uneasy alliance with The Master in order to pursue Salamander to Victorian England.

Synopsis: Having made an accord with the Micro Machines. The Doctor forms an uneasy alliance with The Master in order to pursue Salamander to Victorian England.

Review: Paul Cornell wraps up his final ‘Doctor Who’ comic book story with a flare and fun factor that only he can deliver.

This final issue sees the Doctor and his friends along with The Master chasing Salamander back in time to 1868 to Victorian England.

Salamander who has sworn vengeance on the Doctor has made a run for Parliament where he hopes to ingratiate himself on the members by sharing his knowledge of future technology and enable them to crush their enemies in Europe.

Of course the Doctor, Jo and the others are able to defeat Salamander and also put a stop to The Masters devilish friends. But the entertainment value here is in Salamander addressing Parliament in such a way that one can only imagine the former UKIP leader Nigel Farage would have had  he ever gotten into UK Parliament.

The artwork by Christopher Jones continues to shine with the help of some great colours from HIFI. I especially loved the work that the art team did on bringing us the exterior buildings of London such as Big Ben and Parliament. But the colours and line work within Parliament where Salamander addresses the MP’s is also lots of fun.

Cornell wraps this final issue up well. But also leaves it open ended should another writer wish to use Salamander in future issues.

Throughout all five issues Cornell and his team have captured perfectly the spirit of the Third Doctor and his interpersonal relationships with Jo Grant and the people he works for at UNIT.

This is definitely one that fans should get when it is released as a graphic novel.

While it is sad that Paul Cornell is making this is final ‘Doctor Who’ story. It is a great story to end on.

Doctor Who The Third Doctor #5
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