In Review: Doctor Who: The Third Doctor #2

The Doctor and Jo Grant are left reeling by the revelations at the end of the first issue

Synopsis: The Doctor and Jo Grant are left reeling by the revelations at the end of the first issue, and they still have a mysterious extraterrestrial object to analyse and defeat! Does the real danger come from the Doctor’s latest team-up? Of course — but in ways he’ll never see coming…!

Review: Issue two picks things up moments from where the first issue left off.

The second Doctor reveals that he has been sent by the timelords to assist with the latest invasion of earth. But as ever the Third Doctor and Second Doctor spend an awful lot of time exchanging barbs and it requires Jo to intervene.

If that isn’t bad enough. The Brigadier gets an unexpected visit from a General who turns out to be the Master. A veiled threat is made to the Brig about the true nature of the mysterious metallic aliens, which are continuing to replicate behind the UNIT force field.

The issue closes out with some very serious consequences for Jo Grant and the Third Doctor.

I loved how Paul Cornell manages to get the dialogue for Doctors Three and Two so close to how they bantered between each other in both the Three Doctors and The Five Doctors. And I also enjoyed how the Master was used in the story. All very true to what you would have seen in the Third Doctor television adventures.

The artwork from Christopher Jones continues to impress with some fantastic colours from HIFI who took great advantage of the sequences which took place in Jo Grants psychedelic mind.

If your a fan of the television adventures of the Third Doctor. Then you can’t really go wrong with this comic book iteration. Paul Cornell’s love of Doctor Who and snappy dialogue really shines through in this series. So much so that I can’t wait to read the next issue.

Doctor Who: The Third Doctor #2
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