In Review: Doctor Who – The Power Of The Daleks (DVD)

Our thoughts on the recent animated release of 'Power Of The Daleks'

Synopsis: Taking place immediately after his first regeneration. The second Doctor accompanied by Ben and Polly do battle with an old foe on the mysterious human colony of Vulcan. How will the newly regenerated Doctor handle the Daleks and how will companions Ben and Polly cope with a regenerated Doctor.

Review: 50 years after its original BBC broadcast. ‘The Power Of The Daleks’ is brought back to life with this new black and white animated version, which has used surviving production stills and the original soundtrack to give modern fans a fairly decent approximation of the six part adventure, which would pave the way for Patrick Troughton’s second Doctor, who is the go to Doctor for all the Doctor’s that followed him.

Of all the actors to have played The Doctor. Patrick Troughton had the toughest run because the success of the continuation of the show after Hartnell’s first Doctor rested entirely on his shoulders. ‘Power Of The Daleks’ was not only to be Troughton’s first episode, but it was also the first time that the audience got to see a Doctor go through the post regeneration mania, which we have now come to accept as part and parcel of the series.


The story sees the Doctor and his companions become unwittingly involved with the Earth Colony of Vulcan, which is undergoing somewhat of a power struggle, but on top of all the political intrigue we have the discovery of three Daleks, which the colonies lead scientist has unwittingly revived.

At first the Daleks pose as servants, but in secret they are building their numbers with the goal of conquest in mind.

Of course the Doctor tries to warn the colony, but all his protestations fall on deaf ears. Until eventually it all comes to a head and he steps up to not only expose the traitors within the colony, but also helps them defeat the Daleks.

The story is absolutely fantastic and has a lot of fabulous character beats. Though admittedly like with all the classic episodes the story does take a while to get moving. The first episode for example deals mostly with the Doctor’s regeneration and the confusion that both Ben and Polly feel with regard to it. In fact it takes most of the story for Ben and Polly to actually figure out their relationship with this new Doctor. Who is a much more playful and cunning character than his predecessor.

The animation on this set is okay. It not absolutely brilliant, but when you consider that they only had six months to get the job done. Its not all that bad either. I know that there are viewers out there that were expecting a higher standard and wanted to see more done with the regeneration, but I think what we have is functional and even probably as true to what we could have had in the sixties if not even just a little better.

I loved the fog we seen in the final episode as the Doctor and his companions were getting back into the Tardis.

The soundtrack and audio has been remastered and it sounds fantastic. I remember seeing a few of the older episodes years ago on UK GOLD before it became gold and the sound on those was rough to say the least. But the sound on this as with most of the BBC’s releases of Classic Doctor Who was excellent.

In regards to extras we have the audio commentaries, which are always a lot of fun to listen to and we also have Test Footage of the animation, which is fun to watch and compare with the end product.  You also get a documentary ‘Making Of The Power Of The Daleks’ and you also get the ‘Original Dalek Voice Session Recordings (1966)’, which shows you how it was all done back in the sixties.

Overall this package is very good value for money and is a fun watch as well as very important piece of ‘Doctor Who’ history, which not only shows us how far the show has come, but also shows us how far the Daleks have evolved.

Interestingly enough. Mark Gatiss borrowed a little from this story for his 2010 ‘Doctor Who’ story ‘Victory of the Daleks’, which saw the Daleks serving Winston Churchill in his war effort and turning on him.

Doctor Who - Power Of The Daleks
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  • The Bad: If I was being really picky I'd say the animation could have been better. But its functional and works well enough.
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    I’ll be watching episode two on BBCA tonight. Enjoying it so far.

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