In Review: Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins (Mobile Game)

Amidst a sinister series of events at a seemingly abandoned, lonely house in London, someone goes missing, and you find their phone

Synopsis: Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins begins like this. Amidst a sinister series of events at a seemingly abandoned, lonely house in London, someone goes missing, and you find their phone. When it begins to self-destruct, ex-UNIT scientist Petronella Osgood enlists your help to uncover hidden clues and solve cryptic puzzles.

Will you unravel the truth behind the chilling disappearance before it’s too late? But remember: don’t turn your back, don’t look away and DON’T BLINK.



Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins is basically a detective story. In which we as players uncover clues on Lawrence Nightingale’s phone and slowly piece together the central mystery. There is a real sense of otherness and melancholy to the game. I’d say that Gavin Collinson understands what Doctor Who is and has translated it into game form brilliantly. I won’t lie, this game is hard. I found myself googling how to solve its puzzles a few times. The mystery unravels bit by bit and suddenly swerves into a race against time. As the Weeping Angels attempt to take over the phone. We are treated to a touching scene from Lawrence’s girlfriend Natasha (Sabrina Arthur). As she sends Larry one last message from across the years. The action picks up as Osgood herself drives to Wester Drumlins and attempts to prevent the Angels from getting loose. We see some really cool fan pleasing scenes of our favourite scientific adviser facing down the Lonely Assassins. In true Doctor Who style, Petronella Osgood stops the sinister Angels with a disco ball. The player then shares a touching farewell with Osgood via text message, and the game is over. Additionally, the 13th Doctor phones the player at the very end to say congratulations.



The Lonely Assassins features many fine performances from amidst its cast. Despite only having a small role, Jodie Whittaker shines. Her final message as the 13th Doctor caps the adventure off nicely. Ingrid Oliver shows us a relatable and heroic Osgood. Moreover, this reviewer hopes that Osgood returns to the show proper. Additionally, the other cast are great. Finlay Robertson shows us Larry’s courage and terror by turns. His girlfriend Natasha. Played by Sabrina Arthur really makes you feel for her, trapped by the Angels in the 1920s. Although Nikesh Patel only has a bit part, he makes Mo someone you want to be friends with. Now onto Ceri MearsThis actor displays an excellent sinister monster voice. When the Weeping Angels control his consciousness to terrify Osgood. His role as Larry’s obnoxious neighbour Mr. Flint is less convincing however. Anna Pagan plays Marguerite Quincy well enough. To round off this section. Emily Burnett is very endearing as Osgood’s associate Ayesha. Her fate at the Weeping Angels’ hands is all the more terrible because of this.



The Lonely Assassins’ graphics and animation are well realised. I loved the staticky effect on the display when the Weeping Angels came into play. The jump scare of the first Angel attacking was absolutely terrifying. I had to take a break from the game after that. You get a really old school Doctor Who tech feel from the graphics and the puzzles. That feels up to date as well. We as players believe that we are really looking through someone’s phone while being aware that we’re playing a game. Of particular note is the static noise that persists on the main menu after you die. Which helps create the feeling that the Weeping Angels could come through your phone at any moment. Indeed, I half expected my phone to glitch and for an Angel to fill the screen. Sinister stuff. This is the mark of a great game in my view.


Incidental Music

Significantly the Doctor Who theme used for this game is better than the show’s current theme. I also loved the main menu’s theme, which was so haunting and melancholy. The in game music was unobtrusive and added to the experience without getting in the way.



The Lonely Assassins is a very good game. It’s scary, exciting and challenging. We really feel the mystery and strangeness of the Doctor’s world, much more so than in the show. While you need at least some knowledge of and interest in Doctor Who to make this game worth playing. It really delivers on all counts. Check it out.


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