In Review: Doctor Who – The Evil of The Daleks (Blu Ray)

The Tardis has been stolen. Marooned on Earth in the year 1966. The Doctor and Jamie set out to find the missing time machine.
The Evil of The Daleks

Synopsis: In The Evil of The Daleks. The Tardis has been stolen. Marooned on Earth in the year 1966. The Doctor and Jamie set out to find the missing time machine. Their investigation leads them to a mysterious London antique shop, where the antiques all seem to be brand new.


The Story

When the Tardis is stolen. The Doctor and Jamie launch straight into an investigation, which leads them to an antique store. While looking around they find that the antiques are all new. Upon further investigation, they find a hidden control room within the store at which point they are kidnapped by Edward Waterfield. The store’s owner.

As the Doctor and Jamie awaken. They find that they have been transported back in time to 1866. Pretty soon they learn that Edward Waterfield is an inventor who has accidentally created a time machine, which has brought the Daleks to Victorian England.


The Daleks Plan

Edward explains to the Doctor and Jamie that the Daleks forced him to kidnap them because they are holding his daughter, who is future companion Victoria Waterfield. Now with the Doctor as their prisoner. The Daleks ask the Doctor to help them find the human factor so that can better understand humans who have continually beaten them. In order to find this human factor. The Daleks set up a scenario, which sees Jamie attempt to rescue Victoria.


The Acting

The acting in this story is really good and it is thanks to brilliant story and character arcs from writer . As ever Patrick Troughton and Frazer Hines are fantastic as The Doctor and Jamie. But we also see great performances from John Bailey as Edward Waterfield and Marius Goring as the greedy Theodore Maxtible who wants to learn how to transmute metal into gold.

The episode also introduces Deborah Watling as Victoria, who winds up traveling for a time with the Doctor and Jamie after this adventure.


The Artwork



The artwork for the Blu-Ray sleeve of The Evil of The Daleks looks fantastic. In the standard version, you get a nice image of the animated Doctor and Jamie in the foreground and Emperor Dalek in the background.

On the steel book edition. You get a metal sleeve that opens up to reveal the image, which we have featured under the main headline of this review.

Blu Ray Extras

As far as extras go. We get completely spoiled here with commentary tracks. A black and white and colour version of the animated story. As well as the only surviving episode, which is episode 2. Added to that we get a documentary about how the episode was animated as well as a stills gallery and much, much more.


Doctor Who: The Evil of the Daleks is well worth adding to your collection. Irrespective of what version you prefer to buy. I personally opted for the steel book because I quite like how the artwork looks on the metallic surface.

The Story on this is one that most fans will have never seen before as it was one of the lost stories. This is a great shame because the story is perhaps one of the best Dalek stories committed to film. Like all good Dalek plots, it illustrates just how crafty and dangerous the metallic pepper pots can be.

Overall. I’m very pleased with my purchase of The Evil of the Daleks and will definitely rewatch at some point.


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Doctor Who - The Evil of The Daleks
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