In Review: Doctor Who: The Doctors – Villains! (DVD)

From the World of BBC TV's Doctor Who

Description: This is the definitive set of interviews with a group of actors who brought the villains in Doctor Who to life and sent you ‘behind the sofa’.

Review: Koch Media has released a new set of interviews from the Myth Makers series, which focuses on classic Doctor Who villains. The set, which is out now is packed with five hours worth of content and features some wonderful stories from the various actors featured.

The set, which features over five hours of material features a very special episode of Myth Makers, which pays a moving tribute to the late great Roger Delgado who was the original and best Master to have ever appeared on the series. This part of the set features moving tributes from producer Barry Letts and script editor Terrence Dicks as well as brief interviews with Jon Pertwee, Nicholas Courtney and John Levene who all very much enjoyed their time with Delgado in both a professional and personal sense.

The insights shared about the original Master tell a story of a very gentle and kind man who was always typecast as a villain but was moving forward into what would have been a great career had it not been cut short by an awful accident in June of 1973.  The late Jon Pertwee remembers Delgado as a tremendously brave individual who struggled with anxiety when required to do anything dangerous on the show. Quite the opposite of the fearless and manipulative villain that he played.

The first interview on the set features Ian Collier who played the second incarnation of Omega, but 10 years prior he got his professional television debut on Doctor Who playing alongside Jon Pertwee and Katy Manning in ‘The Time Monster’. Later he’d play Omega in ‘Arc of Infinity’.

The second interview is with Bernard Archard who is best known to classic series fans for his role of Marcus Scarman in ‘The Pyramids of Mars’. Archard shared many series, which included a chance meeting he had with series creator Sidney Newman. Archard also has the distinction of having appeared in the British fantasy movie ‘Krull’ in which he is killed off in the first few minutes.

Other actors featured on the set are David Gooderson (Davros – Destiny of the Daleks), Peter Miles (Nyder – Genesis of the Daleks), and Julian Glover (Scaroth – City of Death).

All the interviews are introduced and hosted by the modern-day voice of the Daleks Nicholas Briggs.

If your a fan of the classic series and like myself love to hear the various actors talk about their careers. Then this is a must own DVD.

Doctor Who: The Doctors - Villains! (DVD)
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