In Review: Doctor Who: The 13th Doctor #7

The gang has tracked the Stilean Flesh Eaters through history - from 1500s Europe to North Carolina in 1711.

Synopsis: The gang has tracked the Stilean Flesh Eaters through history – from 1500s Europe to North Carolina in 1711. How they’ve survived on Earth for so long is a puzzle the Doctor can’t quite piece together yet. How are the Time Agency involved, and what does a history podcast everyone’s listening to have to do with it all? Well, everyone except the Doctor is listening to it… not that she’s jealous.

Review: The story takes a wibbly wobbly turn as two old friends from the time agency show up.

The Story

Having just arrived in North Carolina for 1711. The Doctor and her friends have a chance encounter with two old friends from the time agency who have seemingly been tracking an anomaly through time, which they quickly realize is the Doctor. Having an inkling as to what might be happening. The Doctor gives the time agents the slip in order to try and find out what has happened to the Stilean Flesh Eaters, who have had a change of eating habits.

The Artwork

The art team continues to excel in this issue and give us a really cool silhouette of the Doctor and her companions tracking down the Stilean Flesh Eaters on page 7. The new look of the Flesh Eaters was also a fun touch for both the art and the story. But it’s much of the background of swampland, which is really well drawn throughout those sequences in the book.


Jody Houser’s second story arc for the 13th Doctor is proving thus far to be more entertaining than Jody Whitackers first television season. The character development is being done a lot better than it is on the TV show and the 13th Doctor actually feels more Doctorish when you read her dialogue. All we need now is for Jody Houser to give Doctor number 13 a rousing speech where she is announcing herself as The Doctor. I.E. something that we haven’t got on the TV series yet.

Overall. A really strong issue with a lot to like. But what does the podcast have to do with it all? I suspect we’ll find out what it all means in the next issue. And I can’t wait.

Doctor Who: The 13th Doctor #7
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