In Review: Doctor Who – Survivors of the Flux

As the forces of evil mass, the Doctor, Yaz and Dan face perilous journeys. And seemingly insurmountable obstacles in their quest for survival.

Synopsis: In Survivors of the Flux. As the forces of evil mass, the Doctor, Yaz and Dan face perilous journeys. And seemingly insurmountable obstacles in their quest for survival.



Survivors of the Flux served to move the story along and set up next week’s epic climax. In that regard, it felt like a filler episode at times. However, there was enough intrigue and humour to make it watchable on its own merits. This episode also juggled many different story threads and did so masterfully (no pun intended). This has not always been the case with Chris Chibnall episodes. It’s clear that the showrunner has stepped up his writing on every level. There were some nice fan-pleasing moments such as the return of Kate Stewart. Moreover, we discovered what the Division is and how they connect to the Doctor. Although I’m still not 100 percent convinced about the Timeless Child arc. The episode built to an epic cliffhanger which left me excited for next week though.



Jodie Whittaker acted well as the 13th Doctor throughout this episode. She showed the Doctor’s anger and grit to good effect. I got a kick out of her line “My friends are never lost.” Which showed who this Doctor really is in my view. Whittaker also showed her range in the Doctor’s hologram message to Yaz. As well as some fine shock, disbelief, and awe in response to Awsok/Tecteun. Mandip Gill was brilliant at showing Yaz’s leadership abilities as Yaz, Dan and Jericho are trapped in 1904. Kevin McNally performed well as Jericho too. John Bishop was great during the scene where Dan comforts Yaz on the steamer. Now onto the villains, Barbara Flynn played a good affably evil character I liked her hint of viciousness and her reveal as Tecteun was great too. Tecteun’s offer to the Doctor to rejoin the Division put me in mind of Mr. Finch’s offer to the 10th Doctor in School Reunion. Which was well done by Flynn. Craig Parkinson played the Grand Serpent’s deadpan menace brilliantly in my view. It was great when Kate Stewart (Jemma Redgravestood up to him. Showing Kate’s toughness and heroism. Furthermore, Sam Spruell and Rochenda Sandall portrayed Swarm and Azure’s villainy excellently. What’s more, we saw some nice humour from Steve Oram and Kammy Darweish in their scenes. Craige Els was OK as Karvanista. Also, Jacob Anderson and Thaddea Graham were good. Although they were not in much of the episode. It was great to see Nadia Albina‘s Di again. Albeit briefly, and George Caple was likable in his scene.


Incidental Music

Survivors of the Flux featured some good incidental music. There was a great score when 13 was in the midst of the Weeping Angels. As well as a nice adventure theme when Dan, Yaz and Jericho explored the pyramid. I really loved the gentle theme that played when Yaz watched the Doctor’s message. Which really put across Yaz’s loneliness. Additionally, the theme when Tecteun revealed her true identity was a nice counterpoint to that scene’s intensity and high stakes. Being again gentle.



Survivors of the Flux continued to boast excellent CGI. Such as the monolith where Vinder gets captured. As well as Karvanista hijacking Bel’s ship. Furthermore, The snake/plant creature that the Grand Serpent used to kill his victims was also great. I loved the CGI of the Sontaran ships teleporting into Earth’s orbit too.



Survivors of the Flux was a good episode. While not quite as epic as previous weeks this outing held my attention and had enough interesting and funny bits to make it worthwhile. Thumbs up from this reviewer.

Doctor Who - Survivors of the Flux
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