In Review: Doctor Who Series 8 Soundtrack

I wasn’t as carried away this time.

For context, I have the complete soundtracks for the first three seasons of the modern era on my hard drive. I only kept 17 of the 68 tracks from the season 8 soundtrack. I deleted so many, because much of it sounded like incidental or ambient music. To be fair, Murray Gold was hired to compose incidental and ambient music that complimented an ongoing narrative program. On that level he’s succeeded admirably. My issue is that in the past Murray Gold’s music evoked the Doctor Who universe without the television. I wasn’t as carried away this time.DW-series8-small

The music is organized sequentially and episodically on three discs. The 17 tracks I’ve kept are all from the first two discs united by Twelve, my favorite modern Doctor. From “Twelve’s Theme” and “Pudding Brains,” through “This Is My Spoon” and the rest of the music from “Robot of Sherwood,” to “(The Majestic Tale of) An Idiot With a Box” in the finale, Gold captured Twelve perfectly. However, it felt like Twelve and by extension Missy were the only characters he truly focused on, and he was going through the musical motions with the others. I’m curious whether I’ll have the same opinion after season 9.

Regarding the packaging, the digital copy of the CD came only with the cover art above. Considering this was the music for the 12th regeneration of the Doctor, which is a huge event in the universe of Doctor Who, an extra booklet with some quotes from Murray Gold and Steven Moffat about the 12th Doctor’s music would have been nice and would have also garnered a higher score.

Doctor Who Series 8 Soundtrack
  • Tracks relating to Twelve and Missy
  • The synth line on the Main Theme
  • Packaging
  • Music

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