In Review: Doctor Who (S14 – EP0) The Church on Ruby Road

Long ago on Christmas Eve, a baby was abandoned in the snow.

Synopsis: Long ago on Christmas Eve, a baby was abandoned in the snow. Today, Ruby Sunday meets the Doctor, stolen babies, goblins and perhaps the secret of her birth.


The Story

While doing a bit of clubbing in London. The Doctor has a chance meeting with his soon-to-be new companion Ruby Rose. However, as he gets to know her and her foster mum. He notices that Ruby is experiencing a run of bad luck. When Ruby’s foster mum Carla Fosters a baby for a few days over the run of Christmas things get strange as a bunch of goblins steal the new baby as an offering to their Goblin king. Learning that Ruby was an orphan and the new child shares a similar story, he figures out that the Goblins are using time travel to steal babies for food. At this point, the Doctor and his new companion charge into action only to find that saving the child comes at a price as the Goblins go further back in time to snatch another orphaned child.


The Acting

Much like in his initial ten minutes, which we saw in ‘The GiggleNcuti Gatwa brings a nice sense of playfulness and fun to the 15th Doctor and gets some great moments with Millie Gibson’s Ruby Sunday. However, the most fun character in this episode is the nosy naeghbour Mrs. Flood who is brilliantly portrayed by Anita Dobson.

Michelle Greenidge is solid as Foster mother Carla if RTD’s past Doctor Who stories are anything to go by. We could well learn more about Ruby’s foster mum in future episodes.



This episode was a fun little adventure with some solid visuals. The Goblins were a lot of fun and my niece thought they were fun. She particularly thought the Polaroid photo of the goblin was a funny moment. The CGI was fairly solid and the Goblin sails ship was pretty damn cool.

The story is fairly straightforward and catered perhaps more to the younger viewers than it did to the older fans. But that is usually the case with these Christmas stories.

All that said. It was a fairly standard opening episode for The Doctor and his new companion and hopefully the jump restart that the series needs for the coming new year.

Doctor Who (S14 - EP0) The Church on Ruby Road
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