In Review: Doctor Who (S1 – EP7) The Legend of Ruby Sunday

The Doctor and UNIT investigate Ruby's past. But the Time Window reveals horrifying secrets from Christmas Eve...

Synopsis: In The Legend of Ruby Sunday, The Doctor and UNIT investigate Ruby’s past. But as the Time Window reveals horrifying secrets from Christmas Eve, the mysterious Triad Technology unleashes the greatest evil of all.



The Legend of Ruby Sunday is a masterclass in building tension. To an explosive climax. As 15 and Ruby’s search for answers leads to Sutekh’s return. This episode reminded me of the David Tennant adventure Army of Ghosts. As the storyline was very similar. There were some lovely human moments like when Ruby (Millie Gibson) bonded with Colonel Chidozie (Tachia Newallover them both coming from Manchester. Additionally, the part where Mrs. Flood (Anita Dobsonlooks after Cherry Sunday (Angela Wynterand then prophesies Sutekh’s return was a great subversion of that scene’s soapiness. I got a kick out of Mrs. Flood’s growth spurt line to Ruby also. Moreover, the part where Rose (Yasmin Finney, Kate (Jemma Redgraveand Ruby fangirl over Davina McCall was funny and a nice touch.



Ncuti Gatwa REALLY pulled out all the stops here. Showing his ability to be funny, to be serious, to command the room, to encourage those around him and to express abject terror at Sutekh’s reveal. Gatwa brought his best in every single interaction his Doctor had. I really liked when Kate said “For what it’s worth, I think you bring joy”. Which depicted UNIT’s leader’s human side. Bonnie Langford was sensational. I loved when she told the Doctor to pull himself together. Millie Gibson continues to be an excellent companion. Complimenting Gatwa’s Time Lord perfectly. Genesis Lynea was super creepy as Sutekh’s harbinger. Lenny Rush brought the humour and serious moments in equal measure. Michelle Greenidge had some brilliant lines about how amazing Ruby is. Which really portrayed her caring nature. Susan Twist showed Susan Triad’s relatability and confusion well. Which helped to build the tension for the big reveal.



The Legend of Ruby Sunday’s CGI was spectacular. Sutekh was phenomenal. I’m looking forward to seeing his full array of powers and abilities next week. As the God of Death does battle with the Doctor, Ruby and UNIT. The Time Window technology through which the Doctor and Ruby investigated Ruby’s past. Was absolutely superb. Over and above that, the TARDIS’s initial entrance was brilliant. Really utilizing the CGI that the show now has. The Vlinx was well realised too.


Incidental Music

The Legend of Ruby Sunday’s incidental music. Really helped create the journey that viewers went on. From happy and hopeful at the beginning. To staring into the abyss by the end. I adored Mel’s undercover secret agent theme. Also excellent was the score used when the Doctor and Ruby watched the video of Ruby being left at the church as a baby. I really liked the dark portentous theme utilized when the Doctor discovered Colonel Chidozie’s body. Furthermore, the music when the shadow/Sutekh first speaks. Really made the mystery and ominousness come across.



The Legend of Ruby Sunday is a great episode. It is a little slow in places. But it builds to a skyrocketing climax. That excellently sets the stage for next week’s finale. Massive, massive thumbs up from me.


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Doctor Who (S1 - EP7) The Legend of Ruby Sunday
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  • Ian Cullen
    15 June 2024 at 7:04 pm -

    I quite enjoyed the episode and was looking forward to Sutekh’s return. As he is a God like character that has been in a lot of Doctor Who, but had only had one TV appearance (Pyramids of Mars) up until this latest episode. All the other times he showed up was in the Comics and the odd Big Finish adventure.

    Been watching a few things today to see what fan theories were coming up with. And one interesting theory is that Mrs Flood is the good aspect of the Doctors Tardis in Human form whereas Susan Triad is the negative aspects of the Tardis in human form. Its not a theory I’d discount given that we did meet the Doctors Tardis in human form in the ‘The Doctors Wife’.

    Either way. I quite looking forward to seeing how RTD gets the Doctor out of this scrape and maybe finally learning about who Ruby Sunday actually is and who was it that dropped her off at that Church.

  • Dominic Walsh
    15 June 2024 at 7:26 pm -

    That’s a pretty interesting theory. That Mrs. Flood is the good aspect of the TARDIS personified. I think what might happen is that some of the other gods that Harriet mentioned will come into play and the Doctor will play them off against Sutekh so they destroy each other. Re who dropped Ruby off at the church I think personally we might never find that out. Like how we never found out who the woman in The End of Time Was who spoke to Wilf through the TV.

  • QuntBizkit
    15 June 2024 at 7:47 pm -

    Rose is such a pointless character. Should have stayed home with Donna & the other Doctor. it kind of sullies the name of Rose Tyler too, who was one of the greatest Nu-Who companions.

  • Dominic Walsh
    20 June 2024 at 9:34 pm -

    I feel like Rose provides a link to the 60th anniversary episodes and reminds the audience that this is still the same universe in which those events happened. That’s my take on it anyway.

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