In Review: Doctor Who (S1 – EP6) Rogue

The Doctor and Ruby land in 1813

Synopsis: The Doctor and Ruby land in 1813, where guests at a duchess’s party are being murdered, and a mysterious bounty hunter called Rogue is about to change the Doctor’s life forever.


The Story

When the Doctor and Ruby attend a Duchess’s party in Regency Era England they soon find themselves part of a murder investigation when a group of shapeshifting aliens called The Chuldur begin to kill party guests so that they can assume their identities. When the Duchess gets murdered and The Doctor finds her body he winds up being taken as a prisoner by a Bounty Hunter called Rogue who thinks the Doctor is the killer. As the story unravels the Doctor convinces Rogue that he is not the killer and proceeds to help him find the real killers while simultaneously falling in love with him.


The Acting

Indira Varma is fantastic in her role as The Dutchess of Pemberton. I loved how quickly she switched persona once the leader of the Chuldur gang took her over and had plans to cosplay England and the English aristocracy to death.  Camilla Aiko was great as Emily Beckett and had a few nice scenes with Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson).

Ncuti Gatwa and Jonathan Groff managed to pull off some great chemistry as we saw The Doctor fall fairly hard for Groff’s Rogue. The dance scene in which they stage a lovers spat to draw the Chuldur out was a lot of fun.



Rogue was a fun story in which we see The Chuldur engage in some Homicidal Visits to fulfill their Cosplaying needs. We had some fun references to Dungeons and Dragons throughout this story. I.E. the episode title Rogue refers to a character class and we also had the various dice that Rogue has on his Space Ship. I quite liked how it was suggested that Rogue was a little bit more than the average Bounty Hunter, but I also, enjoyed that we never got to find out who he was either.

Overall a fun episode with a fun new Alien Race that it would be fun to meet again. But not every week or every series.

Doctor Who (S1 - EP6) Rogue
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