In Review: Doctor Who: Origins #4

The Doctor has learned the identity of the Time Lord who has been behind sanctioning the attacks on Time Lord colonies...

Synopsis: Last time on Doctor Who: Origins, The Doctor and Taslo tried to save the colonists from the wrath of Gallifrey. However, as they reach the Time Lord Councilor responsible, he reveals Taslo to be a traitor.


The Story

Picking up from the last issue. The Doctor has learned the identity of the Time Lord who has been behind sanctioning the attacks on Time Lord colonies. Making matters worse, the Councilor has revealed Taslo to be working for him. However, it seems that Taslo has secretly had a change of heart and is looking for a way to redeem herself and hands the Doctor some information to help her save the colonist. But first they have to expose the corrupt Councilor.


The Artwork

Roberta Ingranata provides some awesome art for this issue, which brings to a close the current story arc, but ends with a twist that will get picked up on in the next issue. I loved the panels where we see all the different species of Time Lords gathered in the Doctor’s tardis as they get relocated. I also quite liked how much attention was paid to Taslo’s micro-expressions during the conversation that she has from her cell toward the close of the issue. These closing panels were particularly helped by some decent colorwork from Warnia K. Sahadewa.



This issue of Origins closes out the first story arc featuring The Fugitive Doctor, but also opens things up for the beginnings of The Doctor’s time on the run. The scientist who was behind finding The Doctor has sanctioned Gallifreyan security services to go after her.

So things are likely to get really interesting in the next issue and hopefully, we’ll get a few questions answered it will clean up some of the inconsistencies in Chris Chibnalls original ideas for The Fugitive Doctor and perhaps improve upon them. That said, it would be cool if we get to see the Fugitive Doctor hook up with one of the future regenerations other than 13, which is something we have already seen.

Personally, I’d love to see the Fugitive Doctor wind up in a storyline that features Doctors One, Two, Three, and Four. Maybe even have The Doctor’s sent out to hunt The Doctor.

Doctor Who: Origins #4
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