In Review: Doctor Who: Origins #3

Working for the mysterious Division on a dangerous assignment, the Doctor uncovers something insidious afoot.

Synopsis: Working for the mysterious Division on a dangerous assignment, the Doctor uncovers something insidious afoot. Discover what this Doctor was up to before she became the Fugitive!


The Story

Picking up from previous issues. The Fugitive Doctor and her new companion Taslo have been sent on a mission to destroy a planet full of timelords. But as they investigate they find that the planets pose no threat to division. To that end, our heroes decide not to follow their orders but instead plant fake evidence with their division contact in order to trick them into thinking the planet has been destroyed.

Now the Doctor and Taslo get ordered to visit several other planets. But as they do they find that it is the same story in each new world that they visit. A colony of time lords looking to settle down to live in peace.

Just who is behind these orders?


The Artwork

 Roberta Ingranata does a great job with the artwork. The micro expressions between the Doctor and Taslo during the meeting with their division contact were pretty good. But it is the various different landscapes that the artist produces as we see the Tardis team visit several planets before they head back to Gallifrey to confront the person that has given the orders. The establishing images of Gallifrey are brilliantly drawn and truly enhanced by some stunning colorwork from Warnia K. Sahadewa.



Jody Houser once again delivers a cracking mystery for our hero to solve. I particularly enjoyed the reveal that Taslo was working for the Gallifrey Council Member that issued them with their orders. The dialogue between the characters is sharp and crisp and things have been set up brilliantly for the next issue. The question being. Who will Taslo ultimately align with as we get closer to the final issue?

Doctor Who: Origins #3
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