In Review: Doctor Who: Origins #1

Working for the mysterious Division on a dangerous assignment, the Doctor uncovers something insidious afoot

Synopsis: Working for the mysterious Division on a dangerous assignment, the Doctor uncovers something insidious afoot. Origins looks at why this regeneration became known as the Fugitive!


The Story

When she receives a call from the mysterious Division. The Fugitive Doctor (Played by Jo Martin in the TV series) is tasked with destroying a cult, which is threatening Gallifrey. Teamed with Taslo a rookie fresh out of the Academy. The Doctor isn’t sure if her mission is a just cause. As she and Taslo investigate further. They find that the planet, which they are being tasked with destroying does not have the technology that would be needed to pose a threat to Gallifrey. Of cause, Taslo is not sure about The Doctor’s unorthodox methods and wants to go in all guns blazing. But thankfully for now. The Doctor’s influence prevents any immediate bloodshed.


The Artwork

Roberta Ingranata does a solid job of the artwork throughout this book. The opening few panels see The Doctor on a rescue mission where she is being chased by a giant spider. The next thing we see is the Doctor in conversation with a Weeping Angel. The artwork for the interior of the Tardis is really nice. It is very much a homage to the classic look of the Tardis. As it would likely have appeared in the classic run of the series.

This book doesn’t really open up until the Doctor meets her new companion and gets her mission brief. The alien bar in which the Doctor meets Taslo has a sort of Blade Runner vibe to it. Only not quite as seedy.

Overall. The artist does a great job of nailing the character models and settings and is helped by some great colorwork from Warnia K. Sahadewa.



As stated in the past. I really wish the television producers on Doctor Who would offer writer Jody Houser a shot at writing for the show. As once again she proves to be truly good at capturing the mood and the voice of The Doctor. This is Jo Martin’s Fugitive Doctor and the story being set up here is about how she got to be known as The Fugitive Doctor.

I really enjoyed the exchange of dialogue between The Doctor and Taslo when The Doctor says that the learning does not stop when you leave the academy.

Overall. This is a promising start to what looks set to be a fun adventure.

Doctor Who: Origins #1
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