In Review: Doctor Who – Last Christmas

The Doctor and a returning Clara find themselves fending of terrifying creatures attacking an Arctic base in the North Pole.

Synopsis: The Doctor and a returning Clara find themselves fending of terrifying creatures attacking an Arctic base in the North Pole.

Review: This episode had the typical Moffat approach to trying to scare the pants off of viewers, but sadly it has all become so predictable and this episode was kind of tamed by the heavy dose of Christmas sentimentality and lashings of what I can only describe as sugar. In a word it was pretty corny, which any given Christmas episode typically is, but this more so than others.

I suspect the younger viewers and the young at heart would have enjoyed this because of the inclusion of Nick Frost as Santa and his two elves, which were fun and made for some fun banter.

In terms of the episodes storyline. We needn’t worry because it was all a dream. The threat in this episode was some form of space crab, which attaches itself to a persons face and slowly eats their brains while they are dreaming nice dreams.

I quite enjoyed the episode as a stand alone and it was great to see Clara return, but I do hope that if she returns next series that we get some closure on the whole impossible girl thing.

We see some nice domestic dream sequences, which reunite Clara with Danny Pink, which end pretty quickly, but give a glimpse of what Clara’s life could have been had Danny survived, which was a bit like being shown the star prize in a quiz show after you had lost.

As ever Capaldi was brilliant, but Nick Frost as Santa was just a mere alright. I think Bruce Campbell did way better as Santa in ‘The Librarians,’ which for my money had the best Christmas episode that I have watched this year.

As Christmas specials go this was better than last years and is among the better ones.


Doctor Who - Last Christmas
  • Pretty good alien threat
  • Nick Frost has to be the most reserved Santa ever
  • Story
  • Acting
  • CGI

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  • Raissa Devereux (@RaissaDevereux)
    26 December 2014 at 12:27 am -

    Agree with your review. My favorite line was “There’s a horror movie called Alien? That’s really offensive. No wonder everyone keeps invading you.”

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