In Review: Doctor Who – Into The Dalek

'Into The Dalek' is a huge step up from last weeks story.

Synopsis: The Doctor and Clara are tasked with exploring the inner workings of a sick Dalek.

Review: This episode sees ‘Doctor Who’ go into classic science fiction movie territory as it does its own unique take on the much loved 1966 film ‘Fantastic Voyage’.

Much like in the opening episode The Doctor is still struggling with a bit of regeneration trauma, but the relations between him and Clara have eased somewhat though it still has not been revealed why Clara’s Impossible Girl story line has conveniently been forgotten.

The episode moves along at a fair pace and I was happy to see that the writers are doing something different with the Daleks, which to my mind are a villain that has been over used since ‘Doctor Who’ returned back in 2005.

The banter between Doctor and Clara continues and did get a bit of a chuckle from me when the Doctor said that she looked older than she is and then later on failed to notice that she has changed clothes.

In spite of the niggle of Clara’s continuity from the previous series is yet again ignored. ‘Into The Dalek’ is a huge step up from last weeks story.

It was fun to see The Doctor working with some futuristic soldiers when they are injected into a Dalek, which is so sick it is talking about destroying all of its own kind.

The effects in this were fantastic. A moment that particularly impress was when the Daleks antibodies erased one of the soldiers from existence in what can only be described as a laser doing a really good impersonation of a pencil eraser as seen in most digital paint programs on computers.

Though the resolution of the episode is not ideal for the Doctor because when to tries to show the Dalek the beauty of the universe. His own veiled hatred of the Daleks is picked up on.

There is probably room for a sequel to this story if the writers wish to pick it up at some point.

I’m really enjoying the fact that we are being allowed to slowly get to know this Doctor and Capaldi is doing a super job of controlling how much we get to learn about his take from week to week.

As with last weeks episode the opening title sequence was fantastic, but the opening music continues to be an annoyance.

Doctor Who - Into The Dalek
  • Great Story and fun take on a classic science fiction film
  • Impossible Girl continuity from previous series still ignored and music is still very jarring
  • Story
  • Acting
  • CGI
  • Incidental Music

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  • Raissa Devereux (@RaissaDevereux)
    31 August 2014 at 2:14 am -

    I had never seen Fantastic Voyage until I rented it in preparation for this episode. It’s an awesome movie, and this was a really well done homage to it. Kudos on that level, plus, the performances were again top notch.

    However, the lack of Impossible Girl continuity isn’t just noticeable; it”s actually flat out incomprehensible. Oswin-Dalek from the Asylum was a good Dalek. She was the ultimate exemplar of everything they were trying to achieve. Yet, there’s not one call-back. It’s just weird. Even if Clara doesn’t have complete memories of that, the Doctor would remember. Even a regeneration addled Doctor would remember that. It was too important to his personal story to forget. What Oswin-Dalek did ensured that there would be a Twelve.

  • Ian Cullen
    31 August 2014 at 2:49 am -

    All true.

    I’m beginning to question whether or not the version of Clara that traveled through the Doctors time stream is the same as the one we have been seeing since the 50th anniversary special. Because if you re-watch the special she doesn’t seem to be all that shell shocked from what happened in the prior episode nor does she recognise the war doctor having already sort of met him inside the Doctors time stream. Which suggests to me that Clara’s memory of it was wiped somehow or Moffat just decided to hit reset after that episode.

    I’m really enjoying the relationship between Clara and the new Doctor and do hope that the continuity issue is addressed somehow, but two things I failed to mention in the above review was that meeting Danny Pink in first ten minutes seemed kind of shoehorned into the script. Seems like a interesting character from what little we seen.

    Also we got to see Missy again in that brief scene. Has to be said this heaven place is kind of reminding me a little of the island they were on in ‘The Prisoner’ not the remake. The original.

    Now wouldn’t that be cool. Doctor Who does the Prisoner.

    • Raissa Devereux (@RaissaDevereux)
      31 August 2014 at 3:23 am -

      I’ve had similar thoughts re: Clara, which I’ll elaborate on in the next podcast as I’m too tired to type a whole fan theory right now. I really hope there hasn’t been a reset. That’s just a waste of narrative potential.

      As for Danny, he could be cool. He’s obviously got PTSD and could end up needing Clara as much as the Doctor does for the same reasons.

      As for Missy, I’m genuinely intrigued. Whatever’s going on there, it won’t be boring.