In Review: Doctor Who – In The Forest Of The Night

The human race awakes to find the planet enveloped by a massive forest.

Synopsis: The human race awakes to find the planet enveloped by a massive forest.

Review: I have to admit that I tuned into this particular episode with a little trepidation. I mean The Doctor, Danny Pink, Clara and School kids. Its a bit overkill, but thankfully all these elements were fairly well balanced.

The story was nothing to special. If anything it was pretty much a story made up of a huge environmental message spouting off about the importance of trees.

Capaldi shines as the Doctor and his scenes with the young girl Meave created much of the comedy of the episode.

It was also nice to see a bit more of Danny Pink in the series given that he has really been nothing more than a background character for much of the series in order to try and keep Clara grounded.

I’m not sure what this episode does for the impossible girl story arc. Much like the previous two episodes it kind of touches on elements, but only very lightly.

Some of the CGI work looked a little bit off to me in certain scenes. Specifically when we got in close to the wolves when they are stalking the Doctor and Clara near the fence. I wasn’t all that convinced by it. Perhaps the reason for this is because pretty much all the scenery was CGI.

Sorry to say that although mildly entertaining. This episodes story kind of lacked the imagination and spirit of its immediate predecessors and felt like it was just slotted in to give viewers some time with Danny Pink and one more light hearted adventure before the finale, which kicks off next weekend.

Doctor Who - In The Forest Of The Night
  • The Doctors Scenes with the little girl
  • CGI Wolves when up close didn't feel convincing
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  • Raissa Devereux (@RaissaDevereux)
    26 October 2014 at 12:01 am -

    I agree with you. Capaldi was lovely and the kids were refreshingly kids, but this story just got from A to B, nothing more.

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