In Review: Doctor Who – Fugitive of The Judoon

Stomping their way into present-day Gloucester, the Judoon are on the hunt for someone on the run.

Synopsis: Stomping their way into present-day Gloucester, the Judoon are on the hunt for someone on the run. Who is this fugitive? And why are these alien mercenaries after them?

Review: This episode is pretty much set up for what looks like it will be a much bigger story arc than most fans have anticipated. Be warned this review contains a few spoilers.

The Story

When a brooding Doctor gets alerted to the fact that a group of Judoon has landed in Gloucester and is on the hunt for someone. She takes immediate action to land the Tardis and intervene, but things turn out to be more complex and timey wimey than even viewers could have anticipated.

While the Doctor investigates why the Judoon is after a woman called Ruth she gets more than she bargained for in regards to a huge reveal that has her questioning her very past and her very being.

Elsewhere, Graham, Ryan, and Yaz have been abducted by a certain Captain Jack Harkness who gives them a message for the Doctor. Beware the lone Cyberman.

The Acting

Jodie Whittaker still has a lot of work to do to convince me that she is a worthy successor to the actors that proceeded her and this really shows when you see her act alongside Jo Martin who puts in a really authoritative and believable performance as the person that the Judoon is hunting.

It was an absolutely wonderful surprise to see a guest spot from John Barrowman who didn’t miss a single beat in reprising Captain Jack and Graham, Ryan and Yaz’s reaction to him was pure brilliance.


This episode was absolutely loaded with foreshadowing and follows up a little bit on the Gallifrey storyline that was introduced by the Master in the opening two episodes. One thing that is concerning after seeing this is the rumor that has been going around that Chibnall is looking to do a Dos Ex Machina when it comes to the Doctor’s past lives in order to make it that the Doctor was female all along. I am hoping that this isn’t the case, but this episode does lend the rumor a little bit of weight given what happens. Hopefully, it is just rumor though and this is basically setting up a really clever and nuanced story that will be respectful of Doctor Who’s past and take it into the future without disregarding the past incarnations.

One big criticism is how the Judoon were used here. Once again they have been used as little more than set dressing to aid in the telling of a larger story. Though on the upside. The writers do add a little mythology about Judoon to the show when it comes to how to dishonor one of them.

The episode ends on a bit of a cliffhanger. So there is obviously a fair few toys that have been put into play in order to tell somewhat of an epic story.

There was some nice music throughout the episode, but the best moments were the quieter and more thoughtful moments, but I did love the music that played when Ryan said his piece toward the end of the story where he tells the Doctor that they are family.

Overall. An incomplete story, which will hopefully turn out well in the end.

Doctor Who - Fugitive of The Judoon
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