In Review: Doctor Who FCBD 2024 (Doctor Who: The Fifteenth Doctor)

Join the Fifteenth Doctor in a new comic book adventure!

Synopsis: Join the Fifteenth Doctor in a new comic book adventure!

After his Fourteenth incarnation went through the unique experience of bi-generation, the Fifteenth Doctor appeared by his side. Now, he exploring the universe with his new best friend, Ruby Sunday.

Landing ahead of the Fifteenth Doctor’s debut comic series!


The Story

The Fifteenth Doctor and his new companion Ruby Sunday land in the 1700s when a disturbance in time-space gives them cause to investigate. It appears that someone is trying to get the Doctor’s attention and they have a little bit of a vicious streak. Both the Doctor and Ruby arrive just in time for the planned execution of Highwayman Dick Turpin who uses their arrival as a means to escape. It turns out that something claiming to be a god has given the dandy highwayman some cyberman technology and they have asked Dick to use it to kill The Doctor.


The Artwork

Kelsey Ramsay and Valentina Bianconi do a solid job with the art and colors in this opening Free sample of what we can expect to see from the Fifteenth Doctor’s adventures. Ramsay’s scratchy line work for the more action-orientated panels works well and conveys a fantastic sense of movement. The chase on horseback was particularly well-drawn and fun to look at.



Dan Watters opening story for the Fifteenth Doctor’s comic book adventures gives us a pretty strong start by introducing us to a vicious villain that seems determined to put an end to the Doctor’s time-traveling heroics. The dialogue between The Doctor and Ruby is fairly solid and felt in line with what we have seen on the TV show thus far.

The use of Dick Turpin’s execution as the period for the story was a nice touch and tipped its hat to the historical origins and the original intent of the Doctor Who TV series, which was to serve as both entertainment and educational.

I look forward to reading further issues in this series and learning more about this villain.

Doctor Who FCBD 2024 (Doctor Who: The Fifteenth Doctor)
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