In Review: Doctor Who Comics #4

The Tenth and Thirteenth Doctor are teaming up once again to save Earth from being overrun by… The Sea Devils and The Skithra!
Doctor Who

Synopsis: This month in Doctor Who Comics. The Tenth and Thirteenth Doctor are teaming up once again to save Earth from being overrun by… The Sea Devils and The Skithra! Who else can they turn to but the leader of the human resistance, Rose Tyler?!


The Story

In this final part of the story. The 10th and 13th Doctor’s hatch a plan to rescue Edison and Tesla from the Skithra ship. But in order to do so. They will need the help of their Skithra Queen, who they’ve nicknamed Queenie, and the street smarts of Rose Tyler. The plan is simple. Land on the Skithra ship, rescue the two scientists while Queenie sets the evil Skithra ship to self destruct.


The Artwork

Roberta Ingranata does some fantastic work on this issue. The panels where Rose pretty much takes the lead while on the rescue mission are brilliant fun. I also loved the panel where we see the two Skithra Queens duking it out. They are completely in silhouette, which makes perfect sense given that The Doctor is running away from the fight because that is what she has been told to do.

Enrica Eren Angiolini colorwork throughout the run of this comic has been fantastic.



Jody Houser’s writing continues to elevate the 13th Doctor and surpass pretty much most of what we have seen in the TV episodes. Her gift of balancing out the character interactions between all the fam is nicely done. Also, the Doctor to Doctor interactions were brilliantly written and what you’d imagine them to be if the 13th Doctor and 10th Doctor were to meet.

Rose Tyler gets used to great effect in this final issue. I also loved the banter between Edison and Tesla when they both agreed that the world is not ready to hear about a time-traveling police box, which just happens to be bigger on the inside.

Overall. A real joy to read.


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Doctor Who Comics #4
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