In Review: Doctor Who Comics #3

The Tenth and Thirteenth Doctors accidentally created an alternate timeline in which the Earth has been overrun by The Sea Devils.
Doctor Who

Synopsis: Thus far in Doctor Who Comics. The Tenth and Thirteenth Doctors accidentally created an alternate timeline in which the Earth has been overrun by The Sea Devils. Discovery the Skithra was actually behind the invasion, they teamed up once more along with the fam, a war-torn Rose Tyler, and human-friendly Skithra Queen, to set things right.


The Story

Having figured out the time paradox. The 13th Doctor figures out a way to contact the 10th Doctor and fill him in on what has happened. We learn that this version of the 10th Doctor is not the same one that 13 met in New York. Once she gets some quick introductions out of the way. The Doctor’s, the fam, Rose, and the Skithra Queen head to New York in the early 20th century. Their mission is to try and grab Nikola Tesla before the Skithra does. To that end. The Doctor asks their friendly Skithra Queen to help them with a fast and dirty plan.


The Artwork

Roberta Ingranata continues to provide some great artwork for Doctor Who Comics. Her art style for this story seems to be influenced by Japanese Anime and it works really well for this story. I particularly loved the sequence where we see the two Tardis’s merge together as the Two Doctor’s join forces. Additionally, I loved the depiction of The Raven Penninsula as seen when the Tardis crew land there. The imagery of the team in silhouette as they look at the view is really effective.



Thus far. I’m really enjoying this story and loving the fact that we get classic monsters in the form of the Sea Devils and also get the return of the Skithra from the 10th Doctor era.

Jody Houser’s writing on Doctor Who seems to go from strength to strengh. She seems to effortlessly capture the intonation and vocal inflections of all the key characters. And absolutely nails how the 13th and 10th Doctor speak. We get a really nice moment between the 10th Doctor and Rose in which he tells her how brilliant she is in any universe. This is particularly touching given that this version of Rose never met the Doctor.

Overall. A really enjoyable issue, which looks like it’s setting things up for a brilliant finale. I just have to wonder how Houser will write Thomas Eddison and Nikola Tesla when The Doctor’s finally catch up with them. It will be interesting for sure given the history that both these great inventors share.

Doctor Who Comics #3
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