In Review: Doctor Who Comic #2.4: Missy

Can the Third and Twelfth Doctors stop their greatest adversary from executing her lethal plot?
Doctor Who

Synopsis: In this final issue of the Doctor Who Missy mini-series! Can the Third and Twelfth Doctors stop their greatest adversary from executing her lethal plot?


The Story

Having obtained the fragment to the key to time in previous issues. Missy is now searching U.N.I.T. Headquarters for The Master. When she eventually finds him. She is forced to stop him from murdering The Brigadier. As they make their escape to the 12th Doctors Tardis. The Vworp Vworp sound catches the attention of the Third Doctor who gives chase but finds that nothing is missing from his own Tardis when he finds it is still there.

This issue brings the story to a close and ends with a fun confrontation between Missy and The Master as the latter has figured out that Missy is one of his later regenerations.


The Artwork

Roberta Ingranata continues to capture pretty good likenesses of Missy and the Master. Her work is aided by some awesome colorwork from Enrica Eren Angiolini who manages to capture the clinical corridors of U.N.I.T. HQ brilliantly. In fact, the whole sequence of panels set in U.N.I.T. is perhaps my favorite part of this final issue. Particularly the brief chase that the Third Doctor becomes involved with.

Also, good was the sword fencing between Missy and The Master and the introduction of the 12th Doctor as the person that Missy has been working with.



As with previous issues. Jody Houser continues to capture the voices of the various characters brilliantly. I love how well-written the banter was between Missy and The Master when Missy is given little choice but to reveal herself to him. Whoever takes over from Chris Chibnall on the actual TV show in a couple of years needs to consider approaching Jody Houser to write an actual episode. Because time and time again. She has shown herself to be someone that can write good Doctor Who stories.


If you have also enjoyed this Doctor Who comic book series. Then you may like to check out our recent interview with Colorist Enrica Eren Angiolini, which you can read here.

Doctor Who Comic #2.4: Missy
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