In Review: Doctor Who – Before The Flood

A desperate aliens efforts to survive have far reaching consequences.

Synopsis: A desperate aliens efforts to survive have far reaching consequences.

Review: Picking up from where this left off last week. Toby Whithouse’s ghost story has a fair few twist and turns left in it.

We even get a little more in terms of subtext to do with Clara’s impossible girl arc when she has a heated exchange with the Doctor in which she says she’s not ready to let him go yet.

Whithouse has much fun with the element of time travel in this and we even get to see Capaldi play some Beethoven on his guitar, a solo, which carries over into the shows opening credits and much improving them in my opinion. Now if only they would get rid of that anorexic bloody synth track.

The episode starts with The Doctor telling a story about re-writing the narrative of time in order to keep Beethoven in our history as one of the worlds greatest composers.

Initially this little fable that starts the show doesn’t make a lick of sense, but as you get deeper and deeper into the episode all becomes clearer.

We also get to meet The Fisherking Alien in this second part of the story and learn that the ghosts are its creation.

As the action draws to a close the Doctor and The Fisherkick confront each other in a confrontation of wits, which I feel harked back a little to some of the confrontations between The Doctor and aliens from the classic run of the series.

By the close of the story we have some happy moments for Lunn and Cass played respectively by Zaqi Ismail and Sophie Leigh Stone. Special note should go to these two who played out a pretty complex and fun relationship throughout the episode using sign language and pretty much driving much of the story forward.

For me this has to be the best story of the series thus far.

Doctor Who - Before The Flood
  • The continuous interplay between Lunn and Cass and The Doctor's Changing of the narrative
  • Can't think of anything.
  • Story
  • Acting
  • Special FX
  • Incidental Music

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