In Review: Doctor Who #3.3: Empire of the Wolf

Rose Tyler must work with the Doctors (Matt Smith and Paul McGann) to end the tyrannical rule of the warmongering Bad Wolf Empress.

Synopsis: Rose Tyler must work with the Doctors (Matt Smith and Paul McGann) to end the tyrannical rule of the warmongering Bad Wolf Empress.


The Story

Having both hooked up with Rose Tyler Prime. The 8th and 11th Doctor’s put a plan into motion that will hopefully show Empress Rose the error of her ways. But for the plan to work. Rose Prime must substitute for the Empress while the 11th Doctor takes the real Empress on a tour of some of the planets that she and her armies have attempted to free from oppressive conditions only that have become more oppressive than the planet’s original oppressors.

However, before Rose Prime can take charge as the Empress. Her second in command has mutinied against her. And to make matters worse. A group of Sontarans has beamed in.


The Artwork

Roberta Ingranata to do some stunning art for this book. There is one panel in particular where we see one of the two Doctors and Rose Tyler in shadow that looks really cool. But the best is saved for last as we see a group of sontarans beam in.



Jody Houser continues to impress with her knowledge of pop culture television. I loved the part of this issue when Rose Tyler talks herself up to the 8th Doctor in order to try and get into the mindset of the Empress. I loved how she referenced her first year of adventures with the 9th Doctor and referenced herself as The Bad Wolf who looked into the eye of the time vortex.

I also loved the way that the 11th Doctor tries to show the Empress the error of her ways. Indeed, it all felt a little like ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ or ‘A Christmas Carol’ when the ghosts show Scrooge the error of his ways. Only in this instance, the stakes are much higher in that the freedoms and rights of various planets are on the line.

Overall. I look forward to the next issue.

Doctor Who #3.3: Empire of the Wolf
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