In Review: Doctor Who #3.1: Empire of the Wolf

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Eighth Doctor’s debut!

Synopsis: In Empire of the Wolf. Trapped in a parallel universe, Rose Tyler believed her adventures with the Doctor were over. Now, pulled by a mysterious energy into this reality, she must work with the Doctors (Matt Smith and Paul McGann) to end the tyrannical rule of the warmongering Bad Wolf Empress.


The Story

When Rose starts having visions of aliens calling out for help. She leaves her safe life with John (The clone of the 10th Doctor) and her teenage Daughter and somehow transports herself to a parallel earth. As she arrives she soon meets up with the 8th Doctor who says he’ll help her get back home.

Meanwhile, on another parallel universe, another version of Rose Tyler has continued to travel around helping those in need, but she is in need of answers. To that end, she sends a messenger out to find the man who calls himself The Doctor.


The Artwork

Once again Roberta Ingranata knocks it out of the park with some really strong artwork. I particularly loved the panels where we see the 8th Doctor in his Tardis, but perhaps that is because the 8th Doctors Tardis interior is my favorite design from the show’s long history.

Added to this. I also liked how Ingranata manages to draw fuzzy images of aliens and events that Rose Prime is seeing in her visions. This is helped with some really nice colorwork from Warnia K. Sahadewa.



This is a really strong opening issue. I really appreciated the use of the 8th and 11th Doctor in this story and loved the choice that Jody Houser made to have it so we’d be meeting an 8th Doctor who does not know about the Time War. While in contrast, we meet an 11th Doctor who is heartbroken and shaken to his core by the recent loss of Amy and Rody.

Overall Empire of the Wolf is looking to have some awesome fun with time travel and alternate universes and I can’t wait for the next issue to see what happens next.

Doctor Who #3.1: Empire of the Wolf
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