In Review: Doctor Radar #1

A gentlemen detective plays a deadly game with a criminal mastermind investigating a series of horrific deaths. nPerfect for fans of pulp noir!

Synopsis: A gentlemen detective plays a deadly game with a criminal mastermind investigating a series of horrific deaths. Perfect for fans of pulp noir!

Review: Fans of the likes of Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot will likely get a kick out of this fast-paced detective series, which has been translated into English for Titan Comics.

When a number of top-flight European Scientist studying the potential for space travel get bumped off. The case attracts the interest of Gentleman Detective Ferdinand Straus who traverses through the back streets of Paris, visits a brothel and passes himself off as a gay man in order to find and catch up with criminal mastermind Doctor Radar.

This first issue, which runs at over 30 pages long gives us a glimpse into the seedy underworld of Paris. Set shortly after the second world war. The story gives us a collection of really colorful characters as well as fun and interesting conversations about what is and isn’t scientifically possible. One such conversation in the book balks at the very notion that man will go out into space, which would likely have been a conversation people would have had back then.

Ferdinand Straus is a fun character and comes across as a mixture of Poirot and Sherlock Holmes, but Doctor Radar is a slippy customer and very much inspired by Professor Moriarty.

The story is very much in the spirit of the pulp storytelling of the 30’s and 40’s and is very fast paced.

The art world by Bézian has very scratchy and surrealistic feel to it. In fact, some of the linework put me in mind of the work that D’israeli did for Stickleback, which was a character that ran in 2000 AD a few years back.

Also adding to the look is a really nice color wash. Its rather minimalistic, but done in such a way that you can really appreciate some of the charismatic linework, which is uniquely different from every character and street in the book.

If you appreciate pulp storytelling and enjoy old school detectives. Then you’ll likely really get a kick out of Doctor Radar. Hopefully, the second issue will give us a little bit more from the villain’s point of view.

Noël Simsolo has given us a really fun and intriguing set of characters here.

Doctor Radar #1
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