In Review: Doc Savage: Ring Of Fire #3

The Man of Bronze meets Amelia Earhart, just like we promised.

Synopsis: The Man of Bronze meets Amelia Earhart, just like we promised. She’s in the clutches of John Sunlight – Savage’s dark mirror, a madman with an apocalyptic plan and the deadly means to pull it off.

Review: Picking up the action from where last issue left off. Patricia Savage the Doc’s cousin has been captured by John Sunlight. She finds herself sharing her prison cell with Amelia Earhart.

Meanwhile Doc has cottoned onto the fact that the villain of the piece is John Sunlight and is taking action to go after him.

Matters are made more urgent when Doc learns from his men that Patricia has likely been captured.

This issue brings everything together that the story has been building to and John Sunlight. The Doc’s arch nemesis is written in a way that you’d imagine any 1930’s and 40’s pulp villain to be. His dialogue just rolls off the tongue with a certain venom. The only thing missing from John Sunlight is a moustache for him to twirl with every one of his lines.

Patricia’s put downs were a lot of fun too.

I particularly enjoyed the panels concerning Patricia and Amelia Earhart. David Avallone has written the banter between the two women beautifully.

The art in this issue is no slouch either. Dave Acosta provides a fantastic sense of action and movement to his drawings. Particularly note worthy are the more action orientated panels. The action beats on page 11 where Patricia and Amelia begin their escape had a really good sense of movement to it.

One of the things that has been consistent throughout this book have been the various vehicles and weapons used. They are very true to the period and really help the story feel like a convincing pulp adventure.

As ever. We are left with a really cool cliffhanger, which will keep us guessing until next months final issue.


Doc Savage: Ring Of Fire #3
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