In Review: Doc Savage: Ring Of Fire #1

1938: Amelia Earhart is missing, volcanoes are going off under US Navy bases, Silver Death’s Heads are trying to kill Doc Savage

Synopsis: 1938: Amelia Earhart is missing, volcanoes are going off under US Navy bases, Silver Death’s Heads are trying to kill Doc Savage, and FDR is quite concerned about all of this.

Review: Doc Savage returns to Dynamite comics for another thrilling dose of classic pulp adventures.

This opening issue sets everything up. Doc’s cousin is having bad dreams and thinks they are trying to give her a message, but Doc Savage being the fountain of logic thinks that the dreams maybe due to her grief.

When a message comes through from FDR Doc is tasked with exploring why a form a mini volcano has made a US ship vanish. Doc leaves for the islands where the volcano last erupted but not before telling his cousin that he’ll have another look for Amelia Earhart.

This first issue is fantastic and carries on the pulp tradition that Doc Savage is known for.

The story by David Avallone promises to be a fun one if this opening issue is anything to go by.

The art work by Dave Acosta is beautifully done and period specific to the late 1930’s.

I really liked the colour palette that is used for the issue. It both has a modern, but vintage look to it and makes that compromise between modern and period really well.

Its been awhile since have read a Doc Savage comic and this issue reminded me of why I love the character so much.

The decision to have Doc sent on a mission with a B-plot that has him also kind of searching for Amelia Earhart is a nice touch.

I loved the writing of the conversational banter between Doc and FDR who comes to him with this mission. Its pulp at its very finest.

This first issue of Doc Savage: Ring of Fire goes on Sale in comics stores on the 29 March. If your a fan of the character. It is a must have.


Doc Savage: Ring Of Fire #1
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