In Review: Divinity #0

The man made god ventures into the unknown.

Synopsis: Abram was a cosmonaut sent into space who was forever changed by an unkown force in the void. Now, with the powers of a god, Abram is known as Divinity. After the events of Stalinverse, Divinity takes stock of the minor changes that permeate the world. He visits the surviving remnants of a world never meant to be, and he also observes the Valiant heroes and villains that played a role in restoring what was. All seems to be well enough, and so Divinity decides to shepherd the world in the face of the unknown. As soon as Divinity comes to this decision, Abram himself is faced with one of life’s greatest unknown.

Review: First order of business is as follows: if you have not read any of the Divinity series, you must remedy this issue immediately. The entire run has been in exercise into what a Valiant series can accomplish with great flourish. Similar to Superman or Dr. Manhattan, this series explores the struggle of someone who is nigh omnipotent. Since these beings can accomplish nearly any task, the conflict must internal, external in varying degrees of magnitude, or a combination of both. The entire issue shows us the principal players, and it eludes to something elusive looming just beyond sight. Impressively, the issue still manages to pull of the twist that is the real human hook of the issue. (Take it from someone who reads a fair amount of comics, I always enjoy an out-of-left field surprise.)

Renato Guedes’ art generates a dreamlike aura around the story. Everything, while still bold and gorgeous, seems malleable. An approach like that makes sense since we know that the world had undergone mass hallucination. The rigidness of reality has been undermined, and it is smartly conveyed with an impressionistic style. Take the pages that recount how Myshka used Kazmir for example. Those panels are gorgeous, and easily demonstrate how powerful these images can be.

If Divinity #0 is any indication of what is to come, I greatly look forward to Eternity #1. It is shaping up to be one of thee outstanding Valiant titles out right now.

Divinity #0
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